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Power Amplifiers: Buying Guide & Reviews

Power Amplifiers Buying Guide: You need a power amplifier to drive your PA system’s passive speakers. Here we’ll help you find the power amp at the wattage you need. Checkout the various value-for-money options that offers plenty of THUMP to your sound Why You need One? An audio power amplifier is basically an amplifier that […]

Tube Amps: Simplified Guide

tube amps

Here is a simplified guide to Guitar Tube Amps. In spite of being considered outdated technology, a tube amplifier is still preferred by many guitarists. Read more to know why. Guitar Amps: Beginnings Once upon a time, guitar amps were made of tubes (small amplification devices), and the reason for that is, because that was […]

Digital Modeling Amp


Guide to Digital Modeling Amp Here is a simplified guide to buying a digital modeling amp for your Guitar. These are slowly but surely becoming popular as they are affordable and have several practical benefits. What is It? Modeling Amps are the more recent ones and are fast becoming popular because of their ability to […]

Keyboard Amp Buying Guide

Keyboard amp buying guide: Know what to look for in a keyboard amplifier and how does it differ from a Guitar, Bass or any other amp. Keyboard amps cover a wider frequency range than guitar amps, and put you in control of your keyboard rig’s sound. Top-end electric piano/Keyboards come with excellent cutting edge sounds, […]

Solid-State Amplifier

solid state guitar amp

Guide to Solid-State Amplifier Simply put, these amps use transistors (small electronic device) instead of tubes for their preamp and power sections of the amp. The feedback from most guitarists is that these amplifiers provide a very clean tone. Some of them may even come with “distortion” channels as well. They are sturdy and seldom […]

Top Fender Guitar Amps and Cabinets Reviewed

fender guitar amps

Fender Guitar Amps and Cabinets: These amps are designed to highlight the iconic tones that Fender guitars are revered for around the world. You may choose from models that offer modern high-gain tones, as well as models that also include rich “Vintage” sounds, making them perfect for performers as well as recording musicians. Fender doesn’t […]

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