Piano Key Organizer / Key Holder

musical gift ideas

Are you a musical family? This piano key organizer should be a nice addition to your home. Not only will it serve as a great gift item, its a product that is actually useful. The key holder has 5 positions to hang 5 keyrings; you can even use the piano key as a whistle. With […]

Wittner Taktell Cat Metronome

musical gift ideas

Here’s a complete review of the Wittner Taktell Cat Metronome, a cool accessory that helps while practicing the piano. Almost every piano teacher stresses on the importance of keeping time while learning the piano. In case, you own an acoustic piano, you need a metronome so that it becomes easier to maintain the beat. Here’s […]

PianoBell: The Piano Door Bell

piano door bell

The Piano Door Bell lets plays a new tune every-time your guests tickle the ivories, when they come over. The piano doorbell is a concept that was designed by a Chinese designer named Jianye Li. Although friends just walk in when they arrive, there are people who actually ring the doorbell. So get this piano […]

Cassette Tape Coffee Table

musical gift ideas

Are you a musical family? The Cassette Tape Coffee Table is one piece of furniture that not only stands out but also shows your love for music. Remember the 90s? Music was stored and recorded on cassettes back then. You would listen to a tape until it reached the end, then you had to flip […]

Piano Keyboard Wall Clocks – Music Gifts

musical gift ideas

These Keyboard / Piano Wall Clocks can serve as awesome housewarming gift ideas for pianists/musicians! These unique clocks makes for a beautiful piece of home decor. THE CIRCLE OF FIFTHS Wall Clock music musician piano artist gift This wall clock shows the CIRCLE OF FIFTHS, and will appeal to piano students as well as musicians/piano […]

Musical Instrument Shaped Lunch Boxes & Food Containers

musical gift ideas

Musical Instrument shaped lunch boxes & Food Containers. Find guitar, piano, music notes, amplifier, boomboxes shaped lunch boxes (including tin totes). These are great for your kids to take to school/college or for you to take to work/office. These are also great for musicians to keep their smaller sized music accessories. These are perfect for […]

Hip Hop Jewelry

hip hop jewelry

Get the latest hip hop jewelry designs, we bring to you the latest in urban style hip hop jewelry including earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, chains, pendants, necklaces, iced out jewelry, & gold teeth grillz. We offer custom iced out jewelry made with quality hand set stones. Find your hip hop jewelry today. Hip Hop music […]

Amazing Gift Ideas For Music Lovers & Musicians

musical gift ideas

Music gifts & Ideas: Find several unique things that will appeal to music lovers and musicians – art, household items, apparel, gadgets, instruments, and more! Now its easy to find gifts for friends and loved ones, especially those who are always tapping their foot or love singing (doesn’t matter if its in the shower). Here […]

Cardboard Scratching DJ Deck for Cats

musical gift ideas

The DJ scratching mat is a a cool scratching deck for your pet cat. The Cardboard made DJ Mixer is basically a toy, especially made for cats to distract them away from your sofa. Its a known fact that cats love to scratch furniture; they do it to mark their territories, or to exercise their […]

Best Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers

musical gift ideas

Dancing Water Speakers use super-cool LED lights that magically dance up and down, creating a light show to music. These products are compatible with Bluetooth devices. The lights & water can be timed to your tunes. So just sit back and watch the water dance to the beat of the music. Makes for a lovely […]

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