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Passenger produces “United Airlines: Breaks Guitars” song (goes viral) after airlines broke his $3500 acoustic guitar

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Dave Carroll produced video songs about his experience with United Airlines, after his $3500 guitar was damaged by them. Few years back, when Dave Carroll was traveling to Nebraska for a tour, their $3500 Taylor guitar was severely damaged by United Airlines baggage handlers. The airlines of-course denied having to do anything with it. After […]

Guitar Playing Parrot

Watch this Funny Video of a Guitar Playing Parrot Do you have a pet at home who is musically inclined? If yes, then I guess its good to have company! Here’s a video where the parrot seems to have an obsession with the guitar. He sits on the side and plucks the strings. I like […]

Piano Art

Piano Art: Pictures of Street Pianos, Piano Art & Designs from around the world. Click an image to enlarge: If you have any piano picture that you would like to share, send it to us here and we will post it on our site for the world to see!

Funny Video by Band Zlad

Here’s a hilarious music video of a song named ‘Electronic Supersonic’ Don’t the performers seem to be related to Lady GaGa? 😉 The band in question is named ‘Zlad’. Seems to be a few decades old going by the looks of the video. Just wondering how did they do the graphics in the video. By […]

Camera catches burglar stealing digital piano, drum and other equipment, worth thousands of dollars from Church

burglar stealing digital piano, drum from church

Camera catch an armed burglar stealing digital piano, drum and other equipment, worth thousands of dollars from a Hot Springs Church. The break-in happened at ‘Calvary Pentecostal Church’. For some reason, the church’s alarm was not turned on that night (the day after Easter). Pastor Joel Motes said the burglar made off with thousands of […]

Piano Pictures & Gallery

Piano Pictures & Gallery: Find amazing pictures & designs of Grand & Upright Pianos (including antiques, exotic pianos, most expensive pianos, futuristic designs, & world keyboard instruments). These show the diversity and beauty of the various keyboard instruments. If you’re lucky enough to own a beautiful grand piano, are a technician or dealer, or have […]

‘Echo of Humanity’, a global collaborative virtual jam, inspired by the destruction of city of Aleppo

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Checkout this global collaborative virtual jam between John Wegner (Australia) and Kaiboard (Germany). The duo first got the idea after seeing a video of a drone flying over the destroyed city of Aleppo and wished to compose something that will capture the loneliness and desperation of the people there. The composers were alone when they […]

Bob Marley Guitar Cables

Bob Marley Guitar Cables: Not really, but you get the idea, and hopefully some inspiration to keep all those cables neatly. Here’s the Right way to Hang those Guitar Cables It is quite common for serious serious musicians to own a number of cables. It’s just that over a period of time, you can have […]

Guitar Pictures Photos

The Best Guitar Pictures, Photos & Art work Guitar is a very popular musical instrument, and some of them can look from the very beautiful to the most monstrous. It is also used in lots of art work. Here, you’ll find a collection of some cool Pictures of Guitars. Feel free to send us pictures […]

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