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Best Song, Music, & Lyrics Quotes

Here are some of the best song, music & songwriting quotes. For most, their best works have come from nowhere or have required minimal efforts. However, there are many who just don’t rely on inspiration to deliver the goods. So, if you’re a musician / songwriter, who at times doubt your capabilities, its time to […]

Free Staff Paper

Looking for high-quality, free staff paper? No problem at all, you will find it here. You just need a computer and a printer and you can start getting creative without having to spend a penny. This is the amazing thing about the web. So all those composers, teachers, and students out there, just rejoice! Free […]

Royalty Free Music FAQ

Royalty Free Music: Everything you need to know about it. Learn where to find music that you can use for your videos, presentations, television and films. What Is It? Basically, Royalty Free means you pay for the music once, and then use it as per your convenience. However, when music or films are broadcast, artists […]

Classical Music Download

Classical Music Download: Best online resources to listen to classical music, where to find songs and how to download them legally. With advancements in technology, finding your favorite classical music & downloading them where ever you are, is a snap. Here are some good resources for downloading music. Amazon iTunes Napster Classical Music on Satellite […]

Streaming Classical Music

Classical music is the music that belonged to eighteenth and early nineteenth century. The twentieth century has witnessed many changes and reformations in the field of music. It got new colors of music like folk, rock music, pop music, jazz and blues and many more. All these varieties of music have dominated the classical music […]

Sources of Piano Music Revealed

Piano players – beginners as well as experienced players, are always looking for for reliable sources of piano sheet music & online music. Amateurs typically have a constraint in terms of financial resources and prefer to look for free options. There are many websites available on the Internet that offer free piano sheet music. One […]

Free Piano Tabs

Free Piano Tabs: You will find some great links on piano tabs here. It is easier to play a song from piano tabs. Looking for "free & easy piano tabs"? Now since you have a basic understanding of what piano tabs are, I am sure you must be looking for some sites where you could […]

Music Production Links Resources

music production

Here are some excellent Electronic Music Production Links & Websites: Find useful tips and resources related to recording equipment, editing & production. Learning Music production can take time and their is a steep learning curve. Here are some cool resources to help you become an amazing music producer. Enjoy! Complete resource on digital pianos, […]

Free Piano Music

Free Piano Music & Resources! Free Piano Music – If you are learning piano on your own, there are hundreds of sheet music here to be downloaded for elementary piano. If you have decided to learn the piano on your own, don’t worry! You will find all the lessons/songs you need to get started! Get […]

10 Top Sound Design Blogs Sites

Here are some top blogs and online resources on sound design. If you’re looking for ideas and information, it’s a good idea to refer to these. In no particular order, here they are: Designing Sound Latest on sound design for film, games and animation through fantastic interviews, tutorials, resources and much more. Music of Sound […]

Movie Theme Songs

A movie theme song is usually referred to as the song played during the opening or closing credits. But a good theme song is more than simply background music for the credits. Instead, it is the music that represents the overall theme of the movie itself. Choosing the best movie theme songs was not an […]

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