Best Kids Drum Sets for Juniors


Here we take a look at the best kids drum set; these are smaller in size but doesn’t compromise on the quality. Just because you are buying a smaller drum set, doesn’t mean you’re buying some sort of toy. The drum sets that we have reviewed here are fully functional drum set (bass Drum, Snare […]

Must-Have Drum & Percussion Accessories

Useful Drum & Percussion Accessories Complete your collection of drums with some really useful accessories and parts listed here. You’ll find drum parts, snare drums, drum shells, sticks, drumheads, cymbals, bags, stands, tension rods, drum heads, and more. For your drum sticks, you get cases, carriers and bags which you can use to keep the […]

On Stage DT8500 Guitar, Keyboard, Drum Throne

on-stage dt8500 guitar keyboard drum throne

On Stage DT8500 Guitar, Keyboard, Drum Throne reviewed here. This is a versatile bench designed with guitarists and keyboard players in mind. The throne features a height adjustable padded seat and padded back rest — it’s fully adjustable and doesn’t restrict arm movement. Stable, quick to setup, ideal for the gigging musician. Pros & Cons […]

Alesis Electronic Drums

alesis drums

Alesis Electronic Drums reviewed here. At one time, Alesis was a major player in the synthesizers market. Today, even though some of their synths are quite popular, Alesis is a respected brand when it comes to electronic drums. Alesis produces a wide range of electronic musical instruments, digital audio processors, audio mixers, digital audio interfaces, […]

Yamaha Drums & Percussion

yamaha drums

Yamaha Drums: Yamaha offers a wide selection of drums for the modern drummers, be it for stage or in the studio, be it classic acoustic sets or powerful electronic sets and controllers. Yamaha Drum Categories Apps You can access these free apps from Yamaha that will help you learn to play drums as well as […]

What Are Electronic Drums?

Electronic Drums

What Are Electronic Drums: Here’s a beginner guide to understanding electronic drums and why these are so convenient. Introduction Although acoustic music instruments continue to be in demand, their electric counterparts have become very popular because of the flexibility they offer and their affordability. So today you can use an electric guitar, electric piano, electric […]

Drum Set Cymbals: Buying Guide & Reviews


Cymbals are a common percussion instrument used in many ensembles ranging from the orchestra, percussion ensembles, jazz bands, heavy metal bands, and marching groups. Here, you will find cymbals for every phase of your drumming life. Sabian 20-inch ride cymbal A great rock ride for the serious beginner. SABIAN B8 models deliver tight, bright sounds […]

Electronic Drums / Percussion Controllers, Reviews


If you’re a drummer, you can use Electronic Drum Controllers to create tracks using recording software, and to control other midi instruments. These are basically midi instruments that do not generate any sounds of their own, but generate signals that can trigger other digital devices. In fact, these are not just for top-caliber drummers; keyboardist […]

Here’s how to be a Drummer Girl

girl drummer

Overview You see more and more girls playing drums nowadays, many of them even play for bands. So if you’re a female, and have been thinking of learning to play drums for a long time, this is the place to get some inspiration, and also learn about gear (drums and accessories). Little Girls Playing Drums […]

Best Electronic Drums (Drum Sets) Reviewed


Best Electronic Drums reviewed here. These have been a boon to several budding drum players, as electronic drums have several advantages over acoustic ones, at least for beginners and intermediate drum players. Top Electronic Drum Kits: Reviews Here we bring to use some of the best electronic drums available on the market, with top-notch sound […]

Drum Sets for Toddlers

musical instruments for kids

Looking for some musical tours for your little one/s, these drum sets for toddlers will not only make for great companion but will also let you have loads of fun with your toddler. These toys are also great to increase musical awareness of children. Today, there are several drums available for toddlers and preschoolers. Here […]

Best Roland Electronic Drums

Electronic Drums

Best Roland electronic drum kits reviewed here. Known for their synthesizers, drum machines, and other musical instruments, Roland has a wide range of electronic drums suitable for home use and for the studio. When it comes to electronic drums, Roland definitely stands there at the top. What is V-Drums Roland corporation’s range of electronic drums, […]

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