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Mobile DJ Equipment

Mobile DJ Equipment that You Need for Your Gigs If you are a mobile DJ who hops on from one gig to another, you should definitely try to travel lightweight and go only for the essential DJ equipment. Most of the time though, the type of mobile DJ service that you run and the gig […]

DJ Accessories

DJ contoller

DJ Accessories: Beginners may be happy to own the most basic setup, but professional who perform regularly need much more to put up a splendid show. Overview DJ work is part of the show business, and here it is important to look professional if you want more and bigger shows. That is why, in order […]

American DJ Festive Light Pak II

DJ contoller

The American DJ Festive Light Pak II includes color sphere rotating color ball, 1 mini variable speed strobe and a moonflower effect that comes colored, but can be changed to clear with an optional dish included. American DJ Festive Light Pak II: Pros & Cons Pros: Great value for money, Good for smaller venues Cons: […]

Used DJ Equipment

used dj equipment

Used DJ Equipment: Things to Look for when Buying Used One One of the major expenses that you have to incur, if music is your passion, is on instruments & equipment. You may not realize it, especially if you’re a beginner, but its very common for professional gear to cost in upwards of thousands of […]

DJ Software Reviews

DJ Software Reviews: Learn about the different types of DJ Software programs and reviews of the more popular ones among learners & pros. Different Types of DJ Software Most DJ mixing software are usually intended for fun & to provide entertainment; it’s basically for people to mess around with. Examples include Iphone apps, simple juke […]

Turntable Cartridges & Needles


Turntable Cartridges & Needles: Things to look for. Role of Cartridges Cartridges hold the needle in a traditional turntable, and in the case of more modern versions holds the the magnet, thus transmitting sound to your speakers. So to get good sound quality from your audio equipment, you need a good turntable cartridge, be it […]

Band & DJ Lighting: Buying Guide

Band & DJ Lighting: Buying Guide It’s not just the sound that makes an event exciting; impressive lighting and atmospheric effects can add a totally new dimension to a DJ gigs or a band’s live show, and even to parties and corporate presentations. Whatever be the show that you’re putting up, your light show can […]

Traktor Scratch DJ Software

Guide to Traktor Scratch: With their latest product (Traktor A10 interface and Scratch software) you can spin music from your laptop with digital control from up to four turntables, CD decks, or DJ controllers. What is Traktor Scratch? Traktor Scratch is a DJ software (developed by Native Instruments) used for automatic beat-matching, beat detection, seamless […]

Best DJ Headphones, Reviews

DJ Headphones

Best DJ headphones reviewed here. Why DJ Needs Headphones? DJ needs headphones to hear the tracks that he/she’s going to play, to clearly hear the bass, mid and hi range in the tracks. Here, volume is not a consideration so you really don’t need audiophile quality sound from your DJ headphone. Can a DJ use […]

How to Become a DJ

A career in music production and DJ can definitely go hand in hand. So, in case if you intend to take up serious DJing, here’s how to become a successful DJ. DJ Training This is the obvious part. You need to learn, practice, get trained if you want to improve. No second thoughts about that! […]

Best DJ Controllers & Control Surfaces

DJ contoller

Checkout these top DJ controllers & control surfaces (for beginners, scratching, etc.). These are useful for controlling your DJ software and also come with built-in professional digital-audio interface (and DJ Software) that can be fed to your headphones and the sound system. There are several options that offer versatility and better control over DJ software, […]

Best DJ Mixers, Reviews

essential dj equipment

Best DJ Mixers reviewed: These come with a comprehensive feature set, have rugged construction, and are designed to take your performance to new heights. Introduction If you have been DJing for a long time, its time to consider adding a DJ mixer to your setup; it will give you more/better control of your setup, and […]

Can a DJ be Classified as Musician?

is DJ a musician

With due respect to everybody, can a DJ be classified as “Musician” or are they plain “Entertainers”? Visit any dance festval or any huge musical event, and you’ll see some of the greatest DJs at work. You will find people saying things like “DJs are superstars” and what not. However, any other time this topic […]

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