DJ Equipment

Best DJ Controllers & Control Surfaces

Checkout these top DJ controllers & control surfaces (for beginners, scratching, etc.). These are useful for controlling your DJ software and also come with built-in professional digital-audio interface (and DJ Software) that can be fed to your headphones and the sound system. “All-in-one DJ controller”: A single controller that houses a sound card, mixer, and […]

How to Use Virtual DJ

How to Use Virtual DJ (VDJ): Learn how to use this popular DJ program to enhance your skills. Here’s How it Works If you see the main software screen for the first time, you’ll notice that what you see on the VDJ screen is a graphic representation of a typical DJ setup. It includes the […]

Mobile DJ Equipment

Mobile DJ Equipment that You Need for Your Gigs If you are a mobile DJ who hops on from one gig to another, you should definitely try to travel lightweight and go only for the essential DJ equipment. Most of the time though, the type of mobile DJ service that you run and the gig […]

Best DJ Mixers, Reviews

Best DJ Mixers reviewed: These come with a comprehensive feature set, have rugged construction, and are designed to take your performance to new heights. If you have been DJing for a long time, its time to consider adding a DJ mixer to your setup; it will give you more/better control of your setup, and also […]

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