TOP Music Stores in the PHILIPPINES

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Here we take a look at the top music stores/chains in the Philippines (including Manila), the brands they sell and contact information. Music Stores in PHILIPPINES Every beginner or professional needs musical instruments to either start their journey or to fulfill their your dreams. Don’t have a musical instrument or don’t know where to buy […]

Top Synthesizer Shops in the US

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Although most music production happens using software nowadays, more and more composers are also opting for analog synthesizers and classic drum machines. From the raw techno released by the likes of L.I.E.S. and FIT Sound to the cinematic synth work of live acts like S U R V I V E, physical/hardware synthesizers are leaving […]

Piano Store & Dealers in India

Piano Store, Dealers in India for Yamaha, Kawai, Roland & other Piano brands… Question: Hi, I want to buy an upright digital piano, either a Yamaha or a Roland make. I have done a lot of reading on the Internet but then I am looking for some good Piano Store or Dealers in India where […]

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