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Ebony Wood Supply: Impact on Guitars

Ebony Wood Supply: Most leading manufacturers offer custom-made guitars, which require constant supply of high-quality wood. With the supply of ebony dwindling around the world, its time that these companies get their act together and employ a process for sustainable sourcing. With the worlds natural resources depleting at an alarming pace, people have begun to […]

Interview: Ebonie Smith of Gender Amplified, Accomplished Woman Music Producer, Singer-Songwriter & Audio Engineer

Ebonie Smith is an accomplished music producer, singer-songwriter and audio engineer who would love to see more women enter her field. With this in mind, she founded Gender Amplified. In 2013, Gender Amplified produced a highly successful music festival, which was held at her alma mater, Barnard College in NYC. In March 2015 Ebonie partnered […]

Berklee’s Open Music Initiative to Help Identify & Compensate Music Creators and Rights Owners

Berklee’s ambitious Open Music Initiative to provide a standardized way to help identify Music Creators and Rights Owners and compensate them. The music industry has always faced issues with regards to ‘ownership’ (of the creative work) and the way artistes are compensated. For a long time, Experts have been suggesting a global music database, as […]

ISRC Codes Explained

All About ISRC Codes: Read more to know why it’s so important for owners of music recordings. In the digital age, though it’s easy to share your recordings with the listeners, it’s important to have a mechanism that will accurately track the sales of your songs, and can be used for rights administration. The ISRC […]

Music Cue Sheet

All About Music Cue Sheet (MCS): These help music professional who are looking to place their songs or music in film or television. What Exactly Is It? A music cue sheet refers to the complete list of music needed/played in television series, films, and other media productions. The music used can be: Soundtrack music Songs […]

Global Musical Instrument Market (2017-2022)

musical instruments guide

Want to know what’s the outlook for the Global Musical Instrument market in the next few years? Checkout these research reports/studies that do an extensive analysis of various Musical Instrument industry segments based on the type of applications, type of product Components and services, and different geographical regions. Snapshot These market research reports analyzes the […]

How to Publish Your Music

Useful tips & suggestions on How to Publish Your Music So you’re a singer and can write pretty good songs, but you don’t live anywhere near a major music city like Nashville, New York or LA. You don’t even know a music publisher. Are you doomed to obscurity in that case? Or is there any […]

Music Publishing Overview

Here’s an overview of the Music Publishing Business, important to know if you intend to release your own songs / compositions in the future. What is a Music Publisher? Before the invention of the phonograph, songwriters earned income by relying on music publishers to sell sheet music of their songs. Even as radio and television […]

Performing Rights Organisations (PRO) List

Here’s a List of the major Performing Rights Organisations around the world: Argentina SADAIC Australia APRA Austria AKM Belgium SABAM Brazil UBC, ECAD Bulgaria Musicautor Canada SOCAN Chile SCD Colombia SAYCO Croatia HDS Czech Republic OSA Denmark KODA Estonia EAÜ Finland TEOSTO France SACEM Germany GEMA Greece AEPI Hong Kong CASH Hungary Artisjus Iceland STEF […]

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