Top Casio Keyboard & Piano Bundles

casio keyboard bundles

Top Casio Bundles reviewed here. These packages come with useful accessories like Stand, Power Adapter, Dust Cover, Pedals & Headphones, besides the keyboard of-course. It has everything that you need to get started on your favorite Casio keyboard / piano. What are the advantages of buying a Casio piano/keyboard bundle? You get everything packaged together. […]

Casio Sustain Pedals Reviews

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Casio piano sustain pedals reviewed here. Casio is a popular manufacturer of portable electronic keyboards and digital pianos. And with their portable digital pianos becoming quite popular, people have also started taking notice of their keyboard and piano accessories, such as sustain pedals. Casio does make sustain pedals, both in the foot-switch design as well […]

Casio Electric Piano: Slowly Rising to Professional Heights

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Casio Electric Piano for stage performances! Casio is gradually introducing performance keyboards keeping in mind amateurs and professional musicians. Do the following characteristics apply to you? You rank yourself as a novice or intermediate keyboardist. You’re looking for ways to improve your keyboard playing skills. You would like to record works you’ve done and swap […]