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Billy Joel: The Piano Man

piano man billy joel

Billy Joel, The Piano Man: Lets take a closer look at his life and his accomplishments. Highlights April 2, 1972: Billy Joel played the Mar y Sol Festival in Puerto Rico, where he caught the attention of Clive Davis of Columbia Records. April 6, 1974: The “Piano Man” single finally entered the Billboard chart, five […]

Lucas Debargue, the Young Classical Pianist with few years of serious training is breaking all the rules

Classical Pianist Lucas Debargue, used to work at a Parisian grocery store, entered Moscow’s prestigious International Tchaikovsky Competition with only three years of serious training under his belt, and walked away with the Critics’ award, and the Fourth Prize, a recording contract with Sony. Meet Lucas Debargue, the Young Classical Pianist with few years of […]

Jason Farnham: Master of making techno remixes out of classical tunes

Jason Farnham of San Francisco Bay, California is a first-class entertainer, and his shows leave the audience smiling. Jason is an American composer, performer, and record producer Many call Jason Farnham the “International Entertainer of Contemporary Piano Music.” His fans affectionately call him “Schroeder” from Peanuts because of his toy piano, his witty Victor Borge-style […]

Vangelis: Interview with the legendary Greek composer

vangelis on the yamaha cs-80

Vangelis is a Greek composer and performer, who works mostly with electronic instruments (although the genres he works with includes electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz, and orchestral music). About Vangelis Vangelis is known for his amazing works in electronic music, blended with orchestral style; his music is so powerful yet melodic. Vangelis’ most popular compositions include […]

The Red Orchestra: Movie

The RED ORCHESTRA is a movie, based on a true story. The Red Orchestra was a Berlin-based resistance group that fought against the Third Reich within Germany. The Gestapo labeled them Communists and traitors, and so did the Allies. Only recently have historians recognized them as one of the most important resistance groups. This movie, […]

Cinematic Orchestra: About the Band

The Cinematic Orchestra Band The Cinematic Orchestra is a British jazz and electronic band, created in 1999 by Jason Swinscoe. The group is signed to independent record label Ninja Tune. In addition to Swinscoe, the band includes former DJ Food member PC (Patrick Carpenter) on turntables, Luke Flowers (drums), Tom Chant (Saxophone), Nick Ramm (piano), […]

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