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Recorder (Musical Instrument): Buying Guide

recorder music instrument

Recorder (Musical Instrument): Buying Guide, reviews and useful ‘learn to play’ resources for the recorder instrument. Recorders are portable, simple musical instruments yet capable of producing a charming sound. Most teachers use recorders to teach basic music theory to beginners. Its commonly use in educational programmes in the western world. A large number of recorders […]

Band & Orchestra Musical Instruments

band instruments guide

Band & Orchestra Musical Instruments: Students and experienced musicians can find a wide range of band & orchestra instruments and accessories – brass, woodwind, orchestral, marching, concert and children’s instruments. Students Introduction to Band & Orchestra The best form of music to hear is when several instruments play together in harmony and synchronization, and that’s […]

Roland FR-1x (Piano Style) V-Accordion Review

Roland fr-1x v-accordion

The Roland FR-1x V-Accordion features bellows-pressure circuitry, on-board speakers, display, USB connectivity and more. Roland FR-1x V-Accordion: Highlights Piano-style accordion with digital features. Roland’s acclaimed accordion tone generator gives you incredibly realistic expression Diverse sound library, not just accordion tones Lightweight, makes it the accordion to have when you’re on the go Use it for […]

Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet (Silver Yellow Brass Bell)

bach stradivarius series bb trumpet silver yellow brass bell

Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet Silver Yellow Brass Bell: A professional instrument that works well in multiple musical settings. Features #37 bell, .459″ medium-large bore, clear lacquer finish, plus a standard construction #25 mouthpipe in silver finish. Pros & Cons Pros: In-depth sound. Excellent overall tonal quality. Elegant finish and color. Has even intonation […]

Yamaha: Range of Products

Yamaha logo

Yamaha is one of the leading names in the musical world today, and makes a wide range of instruments and recording gear. It did focus on the classical and acoustic instruments in the initial years, but today Yamaha is also known forits PA and live sound equipment, besides other musical instruments. Here you can checkout […]

Essential Woodwind Accessories

wind musical instruments

Players of Woodwind instruments need Woodwind accessories and replacements to get the most out of their woodwind instruments and even to keep them in top form for years to come. Musicians and students can choose from a wide selection of woodwind accessories, mouthpieces, barrels, cases, instrument stands, parts, reeds, ligatures, swabs, cork grease, rods, care […]

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