About Classical Music

Classical Music History

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Take a journey through the various historical periods of classical music from Medieval up to the Contemporary period. You can find music from the Medieval period, which is often considered as the earliest period in the history of classical music spanning the years 800 to 1400. Move on to the second period in classical music […]

Politics in Classical Music and Opera

prisoner orchestra

Can politics and classical music fit together? Lets take a look at instances where Politics and Classical Music / Opera crossed paths. Politics in Opera Opera has long been a conduit for political and philosophical narrative. Checkout John Adam’s depiction of Nixon’s visit to China. The villain in the ballet embodies capitalism, imperialism, and aggression. […]

Recorder (Musical Instrument): Buying Guide

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Recorder (Musical Instrument): Buying Guide, reviews and useful ‘learn to play’ resources for the recorder instrument. Recorders are portable, simple musical instruments yet capable of producing a charming sound. Most teachers use recorders to teach basic music theory to beginners. Its commonly use in educational programmes in the western world. A large number of recorders […]

Band & Orchestra Musical Instruments

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Band & Orchestra Musical Instruments: Students and experienced musicians can find a wide range of band & orchestra instruments and accessories – brass, woodwind, orchestral, marching, concert and children’s instruments. Students Introduction to Band & Orchestra The best form of music to hear is when several instruments play together in harmony and synchronization, and that’s […]

What is a concerto?

What is a Concerto A concerto is a musical composition, usually made of three parts (called movements). In a piano concerto, the piano serves as the solo instrument and it is accompanied by an orchestra. “Concerto” is an Italian word, meaning “playing together”. Concerto is singular, plural is concerti or concertos. Symphony vs Concerto A […]

Listen to Classical Music: Why & How

Listening to classical music is important for any musical student for several reasons. Even for non-musicians and children, there are several more benefits of listening to classical music. If you are a student, here’s how to listen critically and do it the right way, so that you become better as a musician. Why Students Don’t […]

Donald Trump praises orchestral music

Donald trump classical music

Donald Trump gave a speech in Warsaw (on July 6th, 2017) saying, “We write symphonies. We pursue innovation. We celebrate our ancient heroes . . .” Trump’s veneration for orchestral music came as a surprise to many, and the implication that some cultures are incapable of creating symphonies stirred bad memories. Jonathan Capehart compared the […]

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons – This one is a must have for any classical music collection. Play it in background, or just sit and listen to it and imagine the changing seasons. About the Music The Four Seasons, composed in 1723, is one of Baroque legend Vivaldi’s most famous works for violin, but it accounts […]

Mozart: Piano Sonatas

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There are so few “perfect” recordings of classical music in this world, but this one is definitely one of them. Christoph Eschenbach is a sensitive & warm musician, and sadly for his fans, he rarely records nowadays, preferring the conductor’s baton. In this case, Eschenbach plays a magnificent Mozart set. This is the purest form […]

Brahms: The Piano Concertos; Fantasia

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CD Emil Gilels, Berliner Philharmoniker, Eugen JochumRecord Label: Deutsche Grammophon These performances mount the only serious competition as a complete set to the Leon Fleisher/George Szell versions on Sony Classical. Emil Gilels was an extraordinary virtuoso who decided to place his technical wizardry in the service of the most disciplined and demanding classical masterpieces. No […]

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