Review of Casio XW Digital Synthesizers

casio xw synthesizer
Now that Casio has some cool digital synthesizers, here are reviews of the Casio XW series synth keyboards.

Before this product was launched, many would probably consider a Roland or a Korg if they wanted an inexpensive little synth. But not any longer; just place this keyboard next to those from the big brands, and you would definitely be surprised looking at what Casio has to offer.

Casio XW Series Performance Synthesizers

Casio XW-P1

This is an excellent entry-level synth keyboard, and if this is going to be your first ‘synth / board, it’s definitely an excellent value. Many are reluctant to try out products from Casio, but play with these products for some time and you would know why people are excited about these products. We are talking about synths in the 500 bucks range. Read more on Casio XW-P1

Casio XW-G1

This is designed primarily for the DJ and the club performer. The step sequencer and sample looper are quite handy for capturing performance patterns and instruments. It comes with impressive sequencing and sample looping capabilities. The six oscillator monophonic solo synth engine sounds amazing. Read more on Casio XW-G1

This was one of the most buzz generating keyboards, when it was introduced in NAMM, and many felt that this was far superior to what Korg, Yamaha and Roland have in their lineup in this price range.

The only thing that probably needs to be seen is the build-quality of these products from Casio. It is going to be a test of their products for sturdiness, and if they manage to do well in that department, these Casio synths will definitely be a force to reckon with in this price segment.

Time and again we have gone in to discussions regarding the capability of Casio to produce products meant for professional musicians.

And though we know that they still aren’t there, there is no denying that Casio is trying hard to change that equation.

Here we go through the Casio XW series, which includes the Casio XW-P1 Performance Synthesizer, and the Casio XW-G1 Groove Synthesizer.

It includes some great synths for live gigging, and something that is much more advanced than what Casio has in their repository of products.

No, I’m not saying that this is going to compete with the Motif or the Nords. But this can easily be your additional instrument if you’re a pro, or this can easily be your first instrument in case you are a musician on a budget and/or are looking for top quality drawbar organ sounds at an affordable price.

To Conclude

Overall, great keyboard synthesizers from Casio, especially the xw-p1, which is already receiving lot of attention. There will of-course be the doubters because the name Casio is involved, but this has a good collection of voices and features such as the sequencer and arpeggiator.

Most keyboards in the Casio WK series used to have good drawbar organ sounds, and the same have been improved a lot in these xw synths. If you ask me, the drawbar organ emulator alone is worth the price of the keyboard.

Review of Casio XW Digital Synthesizers…

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