Casio XW P1 Synthesizer Keyboard Review

Casio XW-P1 Synthesizer Review: Finally, a great performance synthesizer from Casio in so many years. In fact, this is Casio’s first professional synthesizer keyboard in several years, and it’s quite powerful.

So all those Casio fans out there who are tired of hearing that Casio cannot produce pro keyboards, you finally have something to cheer about!

  • PROS: Features, Price, Excellent Little Synth
  • CONS: None to be frank if I look at the price

Here are some of the positives:

Lightweight and easy to carry. For some gigs you may choose to carry the Casio xw-p1, instead of a heavier board.

You can use it as a synthesizer for its quality sounds, tweaking capabilities, layered synth sounds, arpeggiator. The drawbar organs sound phenomenal.

It comes with plenty of I/O, lots of controls, you can even use it as a small mixer or a midi controller.

You even have the option of running your Ipod/mp3 player through this, and play along with your favorite songs.

On the flip side, it doesn’t yet come with 61 keys, so some of you could be disappointed with that.

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Key features include:

  • Several tones and sliders
  • You can combine multiple synth formats, you have solo synth – monophonic or bass synth.
  • You get envelopes, noise generators, built-in DSP effects, real time control of filters.
  • Assign knobs to do whatever you want to do that is possible with synths.
  • Then you get the Hex layer with six tones stacked, each of them can be altered.
  • Drawbar organs, rotary effects (Casio is becoming quite good at this).
  • Series of PCM sounds like electric pianos, acoustic pianos, brass, choir.
  • You can easily combine sounds during performances. You can use solo, hex, drawbar, combine / split with the various pcm sounds like piano, str/brass, guitar/bass, synth, and various other sounds.
  • The Arpeggiator can sync to external midi clock or generate its own clock. It can be the master or the slave.

A Powerful step sequencer contains several parts. Eight different patterns, each can have eight different parts, and totally customizable.

Also coming soon will be its sister keyboard, that will feature a grove sampler instead of hex and drawbar.

Casio XW-P1 Synthesizer: Quite powerful and Innovative

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