Casio XW P1 Synthesizer Keyboard Review

casio XW-P1 synthesizer keyboard

Casio XW-P1 Synthesizer Review: Finally, a great performance synthesizer from Casio in so many years. In fact, this is Casio’s first professional synthesizer keyboard in several years, and it’s quite powerful. This is an amazing synth, considering its price. While its not a Roland, Korg or Yamaha, but it can do things the other keyboards can’t. For the price, its a great synth for the beginner. Casio breaks the price barrier for virtual-analog synthesis with this powerful synth ready to rock on stage. See PRICE of Casio XW-P1 on Amazon.

Casio XW P1 Synthesizer Keyboard: Highlights

Here are the things about this keyboard that caught my attention.

  • Forget the name ‘Casio’, just check the several online forums, Facebook groups, and videos that exists for this keyboard. Having such a prolific online presence tells this is a credible product.
  • It looks cool and surprisingly (for the price) doesn’t cut down on features. Other brands try to cut corners for their keyboards that are priced in this range, but not this one. With the XW-P1, you get everything – real midi in and out jacks, pitch and mod wheels, SD card slot, aux in, midi USB, mic in, pretty much everything.
  • Its a versatile keyboard – a programmable solo-synth, with drawbar organ, and hundreds of tones (some of them are weak). And almost everything is fully editable.
  • A performance synthesizer with a heavy-duty sequencer and sounds for any gig

Casio XW P1 Synthesizer Keyboard: Pros & Cons

  • PROS: Multiple sequencers. Drawbar organ mode, Audio inputs. Good combination of synth and acoustic sounds. Excellent Little Synth with great Features and low price.
  • CONS: No 76/88 keys (piano players could be disappointed with that). No input for an expression pedal, No internal speakers. Display is the best in Casio’s keyboards but still limited. Nothing more to be frank if I look at the price

The Casio XW P1 is a serious standalone pro keyboards, but priced at an all-time low.

Casio XW P1 Synthesizer Keyboard: Review

So all those Casio fans out there who are tired of hearing that Casio cannot produce pro keyboards, you finally have something to cheer about!

Portable / Lightweight
Lightweight and easy to carry. For some gigs you may choose to carry the Casio xw-p1, instead of a heavier board. It even runs on batteries.

The XW-P1 has a great mox of acoustic and electric (non-synth) instruments, and they all sound pretty good. In electronic sounds, you have a nice mix analog and digital sounds.

You have a good selection of acoustic and electric pianos, drums, basses, guitars, accordions, winds, brass, strings, which you can use for gigging or composing.

Not all the sampled gig sounds are the best, but you can “create your own sound” which sound better than some of the individual sampled patches. If you don’t like the way something sounds, just hit the edit button or twist some knobs, and you will dial into something that you will like.

Arpeggios & Sequencers
You have everything to produce pulsing dance grooves, animated synth textures and arpeggios.

Regarding arps, you get a hundred preset arpeggio patterns and another hundred locations available for user arpeggios – which means you get lots of variety.

The combination keyboard gives you Step Sequencer and Phrase Sequencer that provides an endless array of sound possibilities.

I have seen musicians use the Casio XW P1 in a rig that included a Roland RD700-GX, a Korg BX-3 organ, a MicroKorg, sometimes Logic/ MainStage, and sometimes Reason. And guess what, the XW-P1 has the power to stand up to these pro gear – it won’t embarrass itself in the company of all these other instruments.

The XW-P1 features 4 realtime controller knobs, pitch bend and modulation wheels, 9 sliders. Includes standard MIDI ports and USB port.

The audio input allows you to monitor an MP3 player, computer or other device – play along with your favorite songs – without the need for a mixer.

You can use it as a synthesizer for its quality sounds, tweaking capabilities, layered synth sounds, arpeggiator. The drawbar organs sound phenomenal.

Touch pads (to play drums) would have been better, but it still comes with plenty of I/O, lots of controls, you can even use it as a small mixer or a midi controller.

Casio XW P1 Synthesizer Keyboard: Demo Video Review

Casio XW P1 Synthesizer Keyboard: Technical Specs

Key features & specs:

  • Several tones and sliders
  • You can combine multiple synth formats, you have solo synth – monophonic or bass synth.
  • You get envelopes, noise generators, built-in DSP effects, real time control of filters.
  • Assign knobs to do whatever you want to do that is possible with synths.
  • Then you get the Hex layer with six tones stacked, each of them can be altered.
  • Drawbar organs, rotary effects (Casio is becoming quite good at this).
  • Series of PCM sounds like electric pianos, acoustic pianos, brass, choir.
  • You can easily combine sounds during performances. You can use solo, hex, drawbar, combine / split with the various pcm sounds like piano, str/brass, guitar/bass, synth, and various other sounds.
  • The Arpeggiator can sync to external midi clock or generate its own clock. It can be the master or the slave.
  • A Powerful step sequencer contains several parts. Eight different patterns, each can have eight different parts, and totally customizable. Its sister keyboard features a grove sampler instead of hex and drawbar.
  • casio xw-p1 manual / appendix

Casio XW P1 Synthesizer Keyboard: Buying Links & Pricing

Casio XW-P1 comes with multiple sequencers, drawbar organ mode, audio inputs, and lot more, available at a really low cost. Excellent sound, solid arpeggiator and sequencers, lightweight. Its a great synth for beginners (and also for the experienced players), it has a clear ‘buy’ written all over it.

Buying Links

Casio XW-P1 Synthesizer: Quite powerful and Innovative. Have any views on the Casio XW-P1 Synthesizer? Please share it below.


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  1. This keyboard is a mix of good and bad.

    It has great organ and piano sounds at an affordable price. The drawbar mode on the xw-p1 is indeed very nice for the money. I also love its audio input – allows me to run my Ipod/mp3 player through this and play along with my favorite songs.

    Several sounds still have that Casio (toy) effect, bass sounds are bad, there’s no input for an expression pedal, no internal speakers and I would have preferred 76 keys.

  2. I’m old school, classically trained pianist, gigging keyboardist, and my first synth was a Mini Moog.

    When I wanted to add a new, cheap synth keyboard to my rig, arsenal, the XW-P1 never came to my mind…I was considering names like (Korg Kross, Yamaha MX61 to name a few). I spent months reading reviews, watching Youtube videos, trying to figure out what I should buy, and then I stumbled upon the XW-P1.

    I was amazed when I checked out the XW-P1, it gives you almost everything that a legit keyboard should have, without cutting any corners. You can even keep this one at home to practice on, and probably to start composing on. You can use it for gigs too, but this can be your backup keyboard. This keyboard is lightweight and its so much fun to play it.

    If you’re looking for a synthesizer that’s cheap, doesn’t cost lots of money, then this one is definitely a great choice.

  3. Great if you just use the presets.
    NOT USER FRIENDLY with a steep learning curve to do anything else…

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