Casio WK245 76-key keyboard review: Inexpensive keyboard for beginners

The Casio WK-245 is a 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard (replaces the outgoing Casio Wk-225) that has been launched recently with some incremental features (Its still a beginners keyboard but with 76-keys). You may use this keyboard for learning, for playing songs along with its accompaniments, for recording your songs (on the keyboard or on the computer). And although it has got 76 keys, its lightweight and portable enough to be easily carried around. Because the keyboard comes with 76-keys, it allows you to practice many more songs compared to a keyboard that has 61-keys. Mind you, this keyboard does not come with really weighted keys (as in a real piano), if that’s what you want you may have to explore other options. See PRICE on Amazon

Casio WK-245: Pros & Cons

  • Pros – Affordable, 76 Touch Keys, Easy to Use, Power supply included
  • Cons – No Weighted keys

Casio WK-245: Review

Who Is It For?
If you are a beginner, who is keen to learn & play more of piano pieces, and would like to have several voices & accompaniments, and do not have the budget for an authentic 88-key keyboard, this can definitely fit the bill.

Intermediate players can also find this of use, as it comes with a 6-track recorder which you can use for recording your creations, has audio inputs for connecting an MP3 players so that you can play-along to your favorite tracks, and has USB midi port so that you can connect it to a computer and work with various music software.

Good for Learning
If you’re a beginner, you’ll be amazed with what’s on offer. Not only you get a little song book, the keyboard also has a song bank consisting of all the songs available in the book.

The songbooks of sheet music gives a brief introduction to piano and the basics such as fingering, notes, measures, abbreviations. and its not just in English but in several languages.

Then, it has 100 popular songs (sheet music) starting with the very simple songs (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) to fairly advanced classical pieces (Nocturne op.9 no.2 by Chopin). For the classical pieces, the sheet doesn’t include the entire classical piece, but shorter versions of about 3 or 4 pages. This is where the 76-keys will come in handy, as you’ll definitely require more than 61 keys to play some of these songs.

You also get a few blank pages towards the end, which you can use to practice music theory, or to write your own compositions.

All these songs are also available on the keyboard as a song bank. You can listen to the song to get a feel of it, which makes learning to play them easier. The display also shows the notes of the song as it plays (and the notes that you press).

With so many ways to learn, you can even get started on your own without needing a teacher (first few months), and it will definitely keep a beginner occupied for a couple years!

Other Benefits
It comes with powerful stereo speakers, and has a good built-in learning system that helps you to learn to play the built-in songs.

It also comes with several advanced functions such as auto-harmonizer, scale changer, USB, line input, and sequencer.

In spite of the 76 keys, it’s quite portable, in case you have to take it to the school to practice with your band, or if you are going out of town.

Casio WK245 76-key keyboard

Here are some User Comments:

The ability to split the piano into two tones, switch the octaves, and connect an MP3 player provides you with more flexibility and lets you stretch your musical creativity. Its easy to use, and even with 76-keys its quite portable. The presets are good too. For two hundred bucks this is a steal.

The LCD is better compared to the orange one in wk200, the sounds are great. You can hook an mp3 player to the mp3 input and play along. The Mic Quality however is okay, especially when you sing softly, it just cuts you off at times.

There’s no doubt that this is a great product, considering the price. I mean its difficult to find a quality board with 76 keys in this price range. Yamaha is expensive than this. The only issue I have with this wk-200 series is that the newer versions are coming out much faster, without any significant addition in features.

I think it started with the Casio wk-200, then WK-210, WK-220, WK-225, and now the WK-245. The WK-245 looks much sleeker but in terms of features i’m not sure if they can add a lot more now, except for adding a few more voices/styles.

Casio WK-245 76-Key Keyboard: Video Review

Here’s a video demo of this casio wk245 keyboard.

Casio CTK4400 / Casio WK240 Keyboard Overview

Specs & Features

Here are the important features:

  • 76-note, touch-response, piano-style keyboard
  • 600 built-in tones including stereo pianos
  • 180 rhythm and accompaniment patterns
  • 152 Built-In Songs and 32 Setting Registration Memory
  • 48-note polyphony
  • Large backlit LCD display with notation and fingering display
  • Integrated Step Up Lesson system
  • 5-song, 6-track recorder
  • USB MIDI Interface
  • 1/8″ line input
  • Headphone output
  • Step-Up Lesson System
  • Power Adapter Included but works on Batteries as well
  • Dimensions in inches: 50 x 7 x 18 inches, Weight:23 lbs

Overall Ratings: Buying Links & Pricing

The Casio WK-245 is a great beginner keyboard that comes with 76 keys, can be used for learning and practicing, and also has a 6-track recorder to record your own musical ideas. You can practice with it or compose your own tunes (thanks to the 6-track recorder), this keyboard can grow with you, thanks to its USB MIDI port.

The Casio WK-245 76-Key Keyboard comes bundled with a Power Supply so you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable adapter.

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    The video is for is not for model WK-245. It is for model CTK-245.
    Try instead. It is for model WK-240 and the only difference may be the color of the base.

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