Casio PX-860 privia digital home piano: The Flagship piano in the Privia series

Casio privia digital piano

buy Casio PX-860 Privia Digital Home PianoCasio PX860 Privia Digital Home Piano reviewed here. This piano model is a recent addition to the Privia series (it replaces the PX-850). The Casio PX-860 is Privia’s flagship digital home piano that gives you exceptional piano sound and feel — plus organs, EPs, strings and more — in an elegant cabinet with an opening lid. Great features set & top-quality sounds; the Privia PX860 feels like a real piano, in terms of touch, feel and the tonal quality. See PRICE on Amazon.

PROS & CONS of the Casio PX-860

Snthetic Ebony and Ivory Keys, Basic feature set and more piano like (focus on sound and feel), Easy to Use, Responsive Action, Realistic sound, Built-in 2-track sequencer, midi connectivity, audio recording capability.

No LCD Screen, No built-in lessons, no built-in rhythm

Who Is It For?
Perfect for home, church or the studio, the combination of a new keyboard action and a powerful new sound engine makes it a force to reckon with. Now you can get a much better control over the nuances and the expressions, while playing the piano.

Casio Privia PX-860: Review

The Casio Privia PX-860 Piano is the flagship product in the Privia series (replaces the Privia PX-850). It provides you with top class piano sounds, and the feel of real piano from hammer response to damper resonance and lid simulation.

With the Privia PX-860 digital piano, Casio has attempted to give the user a more realistic sound and feel of an acoustic grand, by providing hammer response to keys to damper resonance and even lid simulation.

It’s easy to assemble (you may require another person’s help though) and has excellent sound quality, looks & features.

If you want to experience being in a concert hall, the latest Privia PX-860 is the digital piano for you. Some customers have even rated it as “better than the acoustic upright piano”. It is digital, compact, but sounds like a real piano. So, get set to enjoy long piano sessions with your PX-860, because once you start playing, you will never want to stop.

The PX-860 is a great alternative to an acoustic piano, and comes with a powerful on-board speaker system, and a cabinet that opens providing a rich concert sound. Now you can easily fill the room with big piano sound.

Those who have played a lot on proper pianos will find the pedals on the Casio PX860 to be smaller in size, compared to the size of standard piano pedals. That can be a bit inconvenient and will need time getting adjusted to. Is that a reason to complain? Just take a look at the price again! dollars.

Synthetic Ebony and Ivory Keys
This is one of the reasons it feels like a real piano. The Privia PX-860’s keyboard features synthetic ebony and ivory keys. The carefully roughened surface texture prevents fingers from slipping, even when playing for a long time.

Piano Lid simulation
If you’re an experienced pianist, you’re going to like this feature. You can get a much fuller and clearer piano sound by opening the lid (by lifting it). The sound becomes better as it travels upward and outward, which is not the case when the lid is closed.

Duet Mode (also has Split & Layer)
In this mode, the keyboard can be split into two equal ranges, which means the student and teacher can play the same song on the keyboard simultaneously. A good feature to have for music lessons, in case you are a music teacher, or you have a piano teacher coming over to your place to impart lessons.

Audio recording, 2-track sequencer & USB connection
It’s not just a performance piano, the PX860 also has functions for more creative possibilities.

  • You can use the 2-track recorder to record your practice sessions and play them back to hear how you’ve played
  • You can also use it to capture music ideas, whenever you’re in the frame of mind to compose
  • You can even use it as a controller keyboard and work with various music software applications
  • The USB connection even allows you to move songs to and from the computer into Privia PX860’s flash ROM, to save the songs that you’ve created
  • You can even use the PX-860 as a controller for your iPad music apps via Apple’s Camera

Casio PX-860 vs PX-850: What is the Difference?

Casio PX-860 replaces the outgoing PX-850, and has added new features and improvements to the newer model. The Casio PX-860 uses several sounds (including the rich acoustic piano sounds) from its popular PX-5S stage piano model.

The Casio PX-860 uses Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer-Action Keyboard that replicates the expression and mechanical nuances of a real grand piano. The ebony and ivory matte textures only make the feelmore authentic.

Another new feature is the Ensemble Library with Concert Play, that includes ten High-quality audio recordings of 10 live philharmonic orchestra performances (performed by professional musicians). Pianists can play along with recordings. Musical scores of the music are also included (to share it with students).

casio privia px-860
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Casio Privia PX-860 Video Demo & Sound Samples

Casio Privia PX-860 video review.

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Casio Privia PX-860 sond samples on SoundCloud.

Features / Specs

Here are the main features of Casio PX860 Privia Digital Home Piano:

  • Available in Black, Brown & White colors
  • Has 88 ebony keys with ivory feel
  • Has Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard which gives you the ultimate key-to-sound experience.
  • The keyboard touch response has 3 sensitivity levels
  • It offers 256 notes of polyphony and 18 instrument tones
  • Damper resonance adds expressive realism to your playing
  • Has concert-play function here you can play the piano part that is accompanied with the keyboard.
  • Utilizes multi-dimensional Air sound source which makes sound good to hear. The Air sound set gives a feel of realism and even the small subtleties can be fully appreciated by you.
  • It provides split and layer function with which you can play bass with your left hand and have two layered tones in your right.
  • It has a usb port which enables you to easily share music
  • Comes with 20w + 20w amplifier that provides incredible sound.
  • Lid simulator simulates the acoustic effects of opening and closing the lid
  • Has an adjustable top lid to project the sound just like a grand piano.
  • Comes with matching keyboard cover, stand and pedal board.
  • Compact and takes very little space
  • Stereo Digital Audio Recording to USB storage
  • Has volume control, that allows you to reduce or increase the sound.
  • 3 Built-in pedals: damper, soft, sostenuto
  • USB flash drive port, Line Out jacks
  • 2 Headphone jacks for quiet playing

“Casio PX-860 vs Yamaha YDP-162: After some extensive research on which digital piano to buy, we shortlisted the Casio PX-860 and the Yamaha YDP-162. Now, many folks out there felt that Yamaha digital pianos have a closer piano feel & sound, perhaps because Yamaha also makes real pianos. However, the reviews on PX-860 have been very high regarding its sound and feel (e.g it has 256 polyphony vs Yamaha’s 128). To settle that debate, I took my son to a local piano store to try out the Yamaha, as well as the PX-850 (they didn’t have PX-860); he preferred the Casio and I agree. Excellent Electric Piano” – Jeff

Some players also wish that the volume knob and the buttons for switching instrument tones were located somewhat above, and not just above the keys. Because some of them tend to touch them while playing. But then, they are not very close to the keys, and you have to be really sloppy to touch it. With some time, you’ll become aware of it & get adjusted to it.

“The piano is great – both the sound and the feel of the keys. Its easy to assemble, plays beautifully and is loaded with features! It accurately replicates the half-damped sound when you half depress the sustain pedal, as on a real piano. Casio definitely deserves a pat on the back for this px-860 privia model, as they seem to have given attention to the minutest of details. Someday I want a Steinway in my living room (waiting to hit the lottery jackpot), until then, I’m fine with this Privia.”

Competition Check

There was a time when the name “Casio” used to be associated with toy pianos, but no longer.

You may consider the Casio AP Celviano series pianos, designed like classic pianos, have better cabinet designs & color, and also come with built-in music lessons.

The PX-860 however is more of a performance piano (alternative for acoustic piano) and doesn’t have built-in lessons. However, you can always connect it to a computer to work with music educational software, or connect it to iPad and use apps such as Home Concert Xtreme for lessons.

Another option to consider is the Yamaha YDP series. It’s more of a personal preference, however within the same price point, you can expect a few extra features from Casio pianos.

You can go in for the more expensive Yamaha YDP-181 but it has been around for some time and could be due for an upgrade. The new Casio PX-860, at this price point, however looks far more tempting.

If you want a much better product, then should probably look at the Yamaha Clavinova, but then they are quite expensive.

casio privia px-860


A great piano from Casio that sounds awesome, when compared with similar other products in that price range. It sounds even better when you hear it through a top quality pair of headphones or external speakers. The keys have an awesome feel & texture to it, the simulated hammer action is top notch. Even experienced players, who have spent a lot of time with synths and are aware of the major brands who make good digital equipment, will appreciate its features and sound. Depending on your preference, you can even change the hammer sound, string resonance, and lid position, which is a great feature.

Buying Links & Prices: Casio Privia PX860

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Accessories That You May Need
This piano doesn’t come with a bench, the On Stage Flip Top Keyboard Bench is a suitable option, comes with storage space as well.

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