Casio Privia PX Pianos vs Yamaha P Series Pianos

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Some of the products from the Casio Privia PX pianos bear some resemblance to the Yamaha P Series Pianos and so there are many potential buyers who would like to know how the pianos from these two series compare against each other.

Though there are many who think that a Yamaha piano would anyday beat a Casio, the fact remains that Casio Privia Pianos are doing well. They are built to a very high quality and are doing very good sales, especially in the entry level and mid-range piano segment.

So post all your queries and experiences regarding the Casio Privia PX pianos and the Yamaha P pianos.

Yamaha P series pianos include the P-95 and P-155.
Casio Privia series include PX-130, PX-330, PX-830, PX-3 Pianos

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User Comments..

You could be biased in your opinion as I did not feel any difference between the Privia px-330 with the Yamaha P-95 pianos in terms of their sound quality and the key touch. Yamaha P-155 is definitely better but then it is more expensive. But the Privia px-330 throws in a lot of features. In fact you will be surprised that they are throwing in all those things at that price.
Polyphony is 128 note as against 64-note on the P95. That extra polyphony is required on Casio because you have built-in rhythms on the Privia px-330 as opposed to none on the Yamaha p-95 piano. I guess for the same reason the Yamaha p-95 has only 1 track sequencer whereas the px330 has 16-Track Recorder.

But most importantly, the Casio PX-330 has all those extra features like Pitchbend Wheel, control panel button lock mode and SD card storage capability, which makes it more of a stage piano. Other useful feature, which ideally should be provided on every decent sounding piano keyboard, is the connectivity options. You have Line IN, Line OUT, 2 headphone ports, and USB to PC. So if you are a serious piano player, maybe the Yamaha P-95 piano will suit you but I will definitely go in for all those features of the Casio Privia px-330. – James

May be you can compare the Privia px-330 with the Yamaha P95 but I dont think it compares with the Yamaha P155. The Yamaha P155 sounds and feels much better than those two. – Adi

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