Casio Privia PX-360 88-Key Key Digital Piano

Casio px-360 digital piano

buy Casio PX-360 Key Digital PianoHere’s a complete review of the Casio PX-360 88-key digital piano. This is a mid-range digital piano in the popular Privia series of pianos. It has much better sounds than the entry-level Privia piano. Intermediate players, serious learners and experienced players will be happy with the 88-note scaled hammer-action keyboard. See PRICE on Amazon.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Good pricing overall, Sounds are much better overall.
  • Cons: Bass and middle octaves sound much better than the higher octaves.
  • Uses: Suitable for learning, practicing, and even for the gigging musician.

Casio PX-360: Review

The first thing that strikes you about the Casio PX-360 Key Digital Piano is its unique color touch-interface. It has a great keyboard action, and a great selection of tones and rhythms. Fill your home with beautiful sound from the PX-360, the top quality built-in speakers help the house resonate with beautiful music.

Its lightweight and compact, and can be used for gigs as well. Professionals looking for the best sound may not feel satisfied (though it can be their add-on keyboard).

This is a much improved piano, in terms of sound quality & key action, & even features, compared to it’s predecessors and one of the best in this price range. Gigging musicians will really like its lightweight built and can use several features onstage for accompanying. You get 88-keys with fully weighted scaled hammer-action keyboard. The USB connection makes it easy to connect your piano to the computer, and the recorder really lets you be creative and create complex songs. The Duet Mode allows two players – you and your teacher to go through the lessons.

All in One Band
If you’re a singer as well, you can do it all by yourself or probably just pair up with a singer; the keyboard comes with several backing rhythms and intelligent accompaniment phrases. You can also download additional MIDI files for playing them back.

For Composing & Songwriting
Songwriters will love the sequencer as it lets you create songs with multiple instruments.

The piano really shines when it comes to soft playing, and you can use it for classical, for jazz duo/trio, or even for solo jazz. As someone mentioned, the sound from the speakers is good but it sounds much better with good quality headphones or external amps. With the on-board speakers on full volume, you can hear slight buzzes and rattles, especially in the middle register, but then nobody plays it at full volume, especially when using the built-in speakers.

You can always save your work to a USB storage device or back to the computer.

Pro Features for Band and Solo Gigs
You can use it to accompany or play solo. It not only has a stunning piano sound, you can layer several sounds to create various rich tones. Besides the piano sound, you also get premium organs & electric piano sounds which most keyboardist love to use.

A pitch wheel controller is also provided to add authenticity to other instrumental sounds such as harmonica and guitar. Besides layering, you can also split sounds across the keyboard for playing multiple parts simultaneously. This is especially handy if you’re also going to play the bass lines, in addition to chords.

The Casio px360 is a great keyboard although some users could feel a little embarrassed using it when gigging, but as long it sounds great you should not care. This keyboard does make practical sense for certain occasions/places. There are many who don’t like the fact that Casio makes watches and Yamaha makes bikes, but at least Yamaha seems to have a better brand image when it comes to music instruments. But the Privia pianos and the high-end keyboards from Casio rocks; they’re much better than what many feel about those models. You could use your Roland or Korg for big gigs but these are perfect for small gigs and rehearsals. It doesn’t weigh much and you can pack it up quick.

It doesn’t look very sturdy (for gigging purposes). Using soft synths is a totally different ball game. If you hear the top sampled piano sounds on a computer, the sounds from these keyboards just don’t compare. The computer/synth is always an option but then the setup is less portable, and if you go that route you can also make do with a 88-key midi controller. Having said that, its difficult to find a better piano (from other brands) at this price point. This particular model however has some piano voices that sound very good. The built-in speakers are also very powerful, and is perfect for playing in front of a small crowd.

The PX360 has great piano sounds but the strings and organ sounds are okay (You could try using some music composition computer program to get good organs/synths/strings). Also the organ sounds could really use some better definition. This one is good for learning / practicing the piano and that’s why they have made the piano sound much better, and probably the price-point made them compromise a bit on the other sounds. If Casio could only do as magnificent job on the other instruments as they did on the piano, this would be one of the best portables out there hands down. But probably that is a bit asking for too much at this price range. To get a really good set of sounds across, you probably need to look at a piano costing more. Still, this one offers lot of value for those looking for an affordable 88-key keyboard.

Competition Check

Looking for alternatives from Yamaha that’re similarly spec’d. You may checkout the Yamaha p-115 piano or the more expensive Yamaha DGX-650. These are 88-key pianos with accompaniments.

Casio PX-360: Demo / Video Review

Watch: Video review of Casio Privia PX-360

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Features & Tech Specs

Here are the main features of Casio PX360 Key Digital Piano:

  • Keyboard features the Tri-sensor scaled hammer action II which gives you the grand piano experience.
  • Has 550 tones and 200 rhythms that includes a huge variety of musical instruments.
  • Light in weight (approximately 26 pounds) and can be easily transported.
  • Has dual mode splits on the keyboard which allows 2 people to play side by side on the same instrument.
  • Can generate authentic 9- foot concert grand piano sound

    Casio PX-360 Key Digital Piano

  • Has powerful AIR sound source.
  • Has class-compliant USB port with which you can connect the PX-360 to your computer, Mac or windows.
  • No extra set-up required to control music software
  • Has color touch interface with a bright 5.3″ display which is very responsive to touch.
  • The interface is elegant, simple and uses universally recognizable icons.
  • Has a built-in speaker system.
  • Has a built-in 16-track MIDI recorder.


Nice weighted keys, much better sound quality overall, polyphony sufficient to play complex passages / arrangements, and a sequencer ensures the experienced players and serious learners have something to look forward to. Experienced players looking for the best piano sound may want to explore more options.

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