Casio Portable Keyboard – Make Use of the Music Management Software Application

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Casio Portable Keyboard – Use the music management software program included in the CD-ROM that comes bundled with your new keyboard.

Though it is possible to move files from the Casio portable keyboard to your computer and vice-versa, you need a software application on your computer that will let you effectively do all these uploading / downloading of data.

And where do I find one?

The CD-ROM that comes bundled along with your Casio portable piano-keyboard has a software application that will let you do this.

For that, you will need to first install the music management software application available on the CD-ROM.

The software program supports transfer of the following type of data – SMF, Rhythm patterns, Registrations, Users songs created, Tone, etc.

Casio Portable Keyboard
A Midi interface allows you to connect a midi keyboard to a computer

What Can You Do With The Software?

Once you install the music management software, you can use the software program to easily transfer data from the computer to your casio portable-keyboards memory.

So any data that you may have downloaded from the Casio Music Site to your computer can be moved to your digital keyboard and you can start using it.

You can also do it the other way around. You can save user data, which you may have created on your keyboard, to your computer’s hard disk. You do this if you have many user created files and there is not enough memory space left on your casio portable keyboard.

What Applications Does it Contain?

The software basically has the following three important tools which will let you do all the moving around of data files.

Wave Converter – This will let you create keyboard tones from the downloaded tone data files (.wav format).

Rhythm Converter – This will let you generate keyboard rhythm data from the downloaded rhythm files (SMF format).

Parameter Editor – This tool makes it possible to use your computer to edit the various keyboard parameters.

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Summary – Music Management software

If you have totally forgotten about the CD-ROM that came along with your casio portable-keyboard, it is time to get hold of it. With the music management software, you will be able to add new tones, rhythms, songs to your keyboard. Just download the relevant files on your computer and use the software program to add those to your keyboard.

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