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Casio Mini Keyboard for Kids – Review of SA-76


A Casio Mini Keyboard is perfect for introducing your kids to the wonderful world of electronic music. So gift one to your kid today!

Inexpensive, Lots of features, Lightweight

No touch sensitive keys, Less than 61 keys

Best Place to Buy

On Amazon, Casio (SA-76 44 keys) Mini Keyboard is for $40-$60


The benefit of exposing your children to music at an early age is well proven. Besides, it is always better to have some constructive learning activities for your kids, rather than let them while away their time in front of the television. A skill like music will always give them lifetime of pleasure. So if you are thinking of introducing your kids to the fascinating world of music, then here are some recommendations that will be a perfect musical keyboard for your child.

casio SA-76 mini keyboard

How Are These Different?

The standard electronic keyboard, usually used by adults and older children, has 61 keys of standard key sizes.

A mini size keyboard, on the other hand, differs in these two aspects.

  • Number of keys – Comes with 37, 44 keys
  • Size of keys – Slightly smaller than the standard key sizes

  • These two differences makes a casio mini keyboard ideal for kids!

    Several Benefits

  • These have several exciting tones and rhythms which your kids will enjoy
  • The keys are smaller in size and there are enough keys to learn with both the hands.
  • It is lightweight and inexpensive
  • Great for introducing your kids to the world of music
  • Ideal for kids to start early on keyboards, since keys are of mini-size
  • Economical way to start learning electronic keyboards
  • Very light musical instrument, kids can easily carry them around
  • Using an electronic keyboard is a fun way to learn music

  • Casio mini keyboard

    Can Adults Use it Too?

    Why not?

    Though designed for kids, if you are an adult and are eager to learn electronic keyboards, you may start with the basics of keyboard playing on this instrument.

    You can gradually move to the standard 61-keys keyboard after a few months, if you feel you are seriously interested in learning further.

    However, this is not a controller keyboard, so there’s no easy way to get the sounds/songs that you play on this keyboard on to a computer. It also doesn’t come with a microphone.

    Video Review

    Various Casio Mini Keyboard Models

    Here are some REAL reviews of customers:

    Great Value Keyboard

    It’s quite sturdy and the sound quality is quite good for the price. Though its made for kids, even adults can use this for fun and to learn to play.

    Has Smaller Keys

    Though the reviews say that adults can also use it, the keys are smallish, compared to those on a normal keyboard. if you’re an adult go for normal-sized keys. But for kids, it’s a fun little keyboard with fairly good sound quality.

    Sturdy & Portable

    The kids have handled it roughly, stepped on it, and it still works fine even after a year. Make sure you get the adapter as it saves money (compared to the batteries). Read all reviews…

    Specs – Casio SA-76 44 Keys

    Here are the main features of the Casio SA-76:

    1. 44 mini keys, not touch sensitive keys
    2. 100 tones, 50 rhythms and 10 built-in songs
    3. 8-note polyphony (good for playing with one hand)
    4. Melody-off function
    5. Reasonable sized LC display that provides easy access to the various functions.
    6. Easy to switch between piano and organ modes
    7. Slot for connecting headphone
    8. Speakers: 2 x 1.2 W
    9. Power supply: Optional AD-E95 adapter or 6 AA-size batteries
    10. Dimensions: 23 13/16 (Length) x 8 5/16 (Width) x 2 1/4 (Height)
    11. Weight: Approximately 3.1 lbs (without batteries)


    A mini keyboard is a great way of introducing your children to music, and to the fascinating world of electronic keyboards. The size of these electronic keyboards makes them ideal for kids, to play as well as to carry around.

    Earlier Casio used to have just a 37-key mini keyboard but now they have introduced a 44-key mini keyboard which is getting quite popular. The advantage with the 44-key Casio mini keyboard is that since its almost 4 octaves, you can teach the kids to play with both the hands right from the beginning.

    With 44 keys, and polyphony of 8 notes, you can play multiple notes together. You can play melody with the right and chords with the left. You don’t get touch sensitive keys yet in the mini keyboard and may be its asking for a lot more in these keyboards. But you never know, with rapid changes in technology and cut throat competition, some day Casio may come out with touch sensitive keys in their mini keyboards. But as of today this is the best way to introduce your kids to music.

    So gift one to your child today!


    Buying Options

    1. $40-$60 on Amazon

    Various Models

    Casio SA-76 44-Key Keyboard

    This is a new entrant and fast becoming popular…The 44-key Casio SA-76 comes with 100 timbres, 50 rhythms and 10 integrated songs, 8-note polyphony. The LCD display helps with selecting and calling up the different music options.

    Read more…

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