What Makes Casio LK175 Lighted Music Keyboard a Good Beginner Keyboard

casio lk-175 lighted music keyboard Want a fun keyboard that has 61 keys? The Casio LK175 keyboard gives you everything you need to get started right away. The bundled package comes with a pair of headphones, X-style stand, and power supply.

  • PROS: 61 keys, fun to play, learning tools
  • CONS: No touch sensitive keys


The Casio LK-175 is a great keyboard for beginners, its easy to use, has great sounds and good built-in educational tools.

Who Is It For?

  • Kids & Young Beginners who want 61 keys
  • Adults who want a cheap keyboard for fun (the lighted keys may not excite them)

Casio LK-175 lighted music keyboard

Here’s why the keyboard is interesting:

  • LCD Display: See all your selections on the large onscreen LCD display.
  • lighted Keys: Makes it easy for you to play songs
  • Control at Your Fingertips: All the functions, tones and styles are easily accessible
  • USB to Host: You can connect the keyboard to a computer for more creative possibilities.
  • Aux Input: Connect your MP3 player or other devices to the keyboard and hear the songs through the stereo speaker system. Great for playing along on your favorite tunes.
  • Runs on Batteries: The LK175 can be powered by 6 AA batteries as well, besides the included power supply. So feel free to take it along when on vacation.

casio lk-175 lighted music keyboard


Here are the key features of Casio LK-175:

  • 61-keys keyboard, standard size keys
  • Key Light System: Up to 4 keys can be lit at the same time
  • Maximum Polyphony: 48
  • 400 tones, 150 rhythms
  • 110 built-in songs, including 20 practice songs
  • USB port: To host
  • MIC IN jack: Yes
  • PHONES OUTPUT jack: Yes
  • DC IN jack: 9.5 Volt
  • Speaker output: 2W + 2W
  • Power: DC 9.5 Volt, 6 AA size batteries

    Video Review

    Here’s video review of the Casio lk175 lighted keyboard:

    The keyboard provides several options, comes with a song book that has simple stuff as well as more challenging music. A great choice available at a great price. Kids will love the lighted key feature, although I believe that adults won’t use it much. you have the feature to turn-off the light if you wish. The speakers are good but at loud volumes starts to vibrate. Its best to use good pair of headphones if you want to play it loud.

    Good keyboard to learn
    The lighted keys are a nice feature for learning. It comes with several songs that you can learn, most are Christmas/Holiday songs, which actually is good as the kids are familiar with those songs, good for beginners.

    Good for Beginners
    This is bigger and sounds better than the cheaper models, it stands up and/or can go under the bed if you need to store it out of the way, so not that much trouble to get in and out for playtime.

    Great value for money
    This is a great deal for the money. Besides all the features, it comes with all the necessary accessories.

    Overall Ratings

    This is a good alternative to the mini-keyboards, as you get 61 full size keys and the built-in speakers sound good. The several built-in songs along with the light-up keys make the casio lk-175 lighted music keyboard a fun to play instruments, not just for kids but also for grownups.

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    1. Buy Casio lk-175 on Walmart

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