Casio LK Lighted Keyboard Review – Fun Way to Learn the Keyboards

Casio LK Lighted keyboard review: Kids always want an easier and fun way to learn things; these keyboards are perfect for them because of their “lighted keys”, and will have you playing songs from the very first day. Kids find the lighted keys exciting and are keen to learn their favorite songs using this method where the lights guide you through the right notes to be played. The top model in this series can be used even by adults for learning.

Casio LK Lighted keyboards

These portable keyboards with light-up keys make learning and playing music more fun. Teach yourself how to play piano with these illuminated keyboards from Casio.

The lighted keys and Casio’s Step up Lesson System allows you to gain experience and eventually play on your own. The top models in this series are more than just instructional keyboards. You get complete bundled packages as well that come with useful accessories.

These keyboards come with several creative styles and voices, includes features like Midi which lets you record your own music on computers.

Here are the popular 61-keyboards from the Casio LK series.

Casio LK-280 Lighted Key

The best one in this category, the Casio LK280 is available as a premium keyboard pack that gives you necessary accessories such as Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand. Perfect for beginners who want to learn the keyboard, comes with touch-sensitive keys, and a much better sound. Read more…

The LK-280 keyboard comes with touch sensitive keys.
Polyphony: 48, Tones: 600, Rhythms: 180, Built-In Songs: 152, Sampling feature, 6-Track Recorder, USB Midi

Casio LK260 61-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard

Good combination of features, and pricing; this one comes with touch sensitive keys, in case your teacher has asked you to get one.

More features include Sound Sampler with a built-in Microphone, 400 Tones, 150 Rhythms, 110 Songs, 5 Voice Pads, 48 Note Polyphony, USB MIDI, Step up Lesson System.

The LK-260 has more enough features to keep you engaged beyond the initial learning steps.

Casio LK-175 Keyboard Pack

In case the above is out of your budget, the next best option is the Casio LK175 that also comes with the same accessories such as Headphones, Power Supply, and keyboard Stand. Perfect for beginners who want to learn the keyboard and comes with touch-sensitive keys. Read more…

This is a great value keyboard, considering the features you get for such a low price.

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Want to play songs from Day One? Are you looking for a fun way to learn to play the keyboards? Do you want to make learning the keyboards easier for your kids? Looking for an inexpensive and reputable brand of Electronic Keyboard?

Have a look at the Casio LK Series 61-keys Keyboards.

Benefits of Owning One

If you are looking for an electronic keyboard that would make learning easier for your kids…Have a look at the LK series!

The LK Keyboards from Casio have a built-in collection of songs that you could learn to play. You just need to choose a song you like and press the Start button.

That’s it! From that point onwards, the electronic keyboard will light up the key that you should be playing… And the best part is that it will wait and not move on to the next note unless you play the correct key/note.

Isn’t that great?

Most beginner keyboards come with a good set of built-in lessons to help you get started. The best is that there’s a recorded voice which tells you what fingers you should be using to play a key, when learning any song. I think that is quite innovative. These features make these keyboards quite beneficial to a learner. The top models in this series look quite solid and they have improved a lot over the years.

If you don’t want to spend a lot and just want to test the waters, you can go for the inexpensive but effective keyboard such as the casio lk-190. The entry level light-up keyboard doesn’t come with touch sensitive keys but then it is better than a mini keyboard and you get 61 keys; Kids can definitely get started on the this lighted keyboard.

If you want a keyboard with touch sensitive keys and better sound then consider the Casio LK-280. It comes with Touch Sensitive keys, better sounds and more functions.

Casio LK Lighted Keyboard

A Casio 61 Key lighted Keyboard can be a good option if you don’t have a big budget to spend on the pro keyboards yet. Gift it to your little one to start lessons in keyboards, its a great beginner keyboard for an adult music enthusiast who would like to get started with piano playing. With all the Casio 61 key light-up keyboard, all your kid must do is follow the lights on the music keyboard. The built-in lesson system from Casio is intended to teach you the best way to find out notes, the appropriate fingering, and tempo.

Casio keyboards are known for providing full featured keyboards at much reasonable prices!

So if you are planning to buy an electronic keyboard for your kid, have a look at the LK series from Casio! Casio lighted Keyboards will get you started right from day one!


A Casio LK lighted keyboard makes it possible for children to acquire a new skill, and to express themselves. The guided light keys and features makes these keyboards a perfect present for the little one, or even for an adult who desires to learn to play the music keyboard. .

The Casio lighted keyboards include a Step-teaching function in which the songs are broken up into smaller phrases, which makes it easy for you to understand and recreate. You learn one phrase of music at a time, and when that phrase is mastered you move on to the next phrase. After completing phrase after phrase you will find that you have learned to play a whole song, one section at a time.

Have a look at the Casio lk-175 61 key keyboard without touch sensitive keys, or better still the
Casio lk-280 61 touch sensitive keys keyboard that comes with better features.

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