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Casio Keyboards have always been popular for its affordable range of pianos. Beginners and experienced players have always looked for a value buy from Casio, but they are slowly and surely upping the ante by introducing professional models. Lets take a look at their product range. .

Best Casio Keyboards

Introduction to Casio

A casio keyboard normally comes loaded with hundreds of sounds, styles, MIDI, decent number of effects… and built-in sequencer to give you a lot of options to explore your creative side. You can even create your own musical styles and record your own songs using the built-in sequencer. Besides, you will also find advanced features as mentioned above.

Now which manufacturer will give you all these functions at such an attractive price?

I don’t think anybody does, besides Casio!

As far as the quality of sound is concerned, I agree to some extent that most of the Casio keyboards are for home use or for learning purposes, and not exactly professional quality. But it takes many years before you reach that stage, so you can definitely consider Casio keyboards till then.

And Casio has introduced several high-end keyboards in recent months that have gone on to become bestsellers, and some of them can even be used for on-stage performances.

Casio 61-Key Synthesizers and Workstations

Casio XW series: Digital Synthesizers
Casio’s newest products, the XW series of digital performance synthesizers that offer cutting edge sounds, arps, tweaking capabilities, plenty of I/O, lots of controls, and meant for the gigging musician.

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Casio 76-Key Synthesizers and Workstations

Casio WK series: High end 76-Key Portable keyboards

Casio’s high-end arranger keyboard models with 76-keys, the WK series offer keyboards with much better and realistic sounds. They have a better sound generating source and comes with expandable features.

See All Casio 76-Key Synthesizers and Workstations

Casio Digital Stage Pianos

Casio PX series: Privia Digital Pianos

Casio’s digital pianos series include the Privia and the Celviano range of digital pianos. The Privia pianos have good looks, excellent sounds and come with graded hammer action keyboard which exactly emulates the keys on an acoustic piano. The Privia portable stage digital pianos look great, have weighted keyboard, and their sound quality is much superior. As usual, the prices are very competent. Read more…

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Casio CTK series: Standard 61 keys Portable keyboards

Casio’s CTK electronic keyboards (arrangers) have been popular for quite some time as they offer enough features to the beginner and intermediate players to keep their creative juices satisfied for a long time. The CTK series is the most popular series with keyboards ranging from entry-level to the advanced. Read more…

casio wk keyboardWK series keyboards
The WK series has 76 keys keyboards (for beginners as well as advanced players), the top models comes with lots of features for recording your own stuff. Read more…

Casio LK series: 61 keys Lighted keyboards

Lighted keyboards from Casio that makes learning to play electronic keyboards fun and easy. Good entry level keyboards. Read more…

Casio Upright Pianos – Celviano AP Series

Digital Upright Pianos from Casio for authentic piano experience. The Celviano pianos come with elegant design & authentic piano keys. Read more…

Mini Casio Keyboards: Smaller Size & Lesser Keys
A Mini Casio Keyboard (like the Casio SA76) is great for introducing children to the fascinating world of electronic keyboards. Read more…

Casio Keyboard Accessories
Casio also makes some good quality accessories, including gig bags, pedals, piano stands & power adapters for their keyboards & digital pianos. Read more…

More Bestselling Casio Keyboard Instruments

This site gives you reviews on various musical keyboards which you can read before you decide which model to buy. Buying a casio electronic keyboard online makes sense as you will find some great deals on them. A casio electronic keyboard is definitely a worthwhile investment considering the number of features it offers at such a low price!

All these features, along with an attractive price, make the Casio electronic keyboard a very popular instrument among beginners and intermediate keyboard players. Many a times these casio electronic keyboards are offered in Premium Packs…that is bundled with power supply, keyboard stand and professional headphones, which make them the best value-for-money offers.

Casio Keyboards: Buying Guide


It is quite commendable that some brands, such as Casio, manage to remain the top choice for most beginners and that too over a span of so many users. In spite of the competition, they have managed to retain their position by providing better and more features, ease of use, and last but not the least affordability.

Casio is one of the major players in the electronic keyboards business. Casio electronic keyboards have been around for many years now and the word &quotCasio” itself is more or less synonymous with electronic keyboards, especially among the young learners. Casio Electronic Keyboards are quite popular among kids, adult beginners and intermediate players!

The electronic keyboards from Casio can be categorized in various groups depending on its users, who could be one of these – toddlers, older children, adult beginners, performers or composers.

The primary reasons for the popularity of Casio Keyboards include its ease-of-use, numerous sounds & styles, ability to connect to a PC, built-in learning system…and also the fact that it has keyboards less than 61 keys meant for the very young beginner.

There are users who think that Casio does not provide high quality, sturdy and professional keyboards, but then it is too much to ask for given the keyboard prices of Casio. Besides, things are definitely changing towards the better. Some of the keyboards in the CTK/WK-series and Privia pianos sound almost as good as its competitors.

Until a few years back, Casio keyboards were regarded by many as toy keyboards. Though they did sell many mini-keyboards at that time, they also had a good line-up of arranger keyboards, but still it failed to find acceptance among the experienced keyboard players. Many keyboard and piano players still maintain the same view, but seem to have a different take on their digital pianos, especially their Privia range of pianos, and a couple of models in the Casio WK and the CTK keyboard series. The reason for this change in views has been their introduction of top quality portable, weighted-action piano keyboards in recent years, which has been lapped up whole-heartedly by the music keyboard community. The Casio mini keyboard is now used only by kids.

History of Casio

If you are new to music keyboard instruments, then you need to realize that Casio is a electronics manufacturing giant, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1946, though their synthesizer keyboards were introduced somewhere in the eighties.

In fact, their Casiotone range of keyboard instrument was first released in 1980. These were small keyboards with tiny keys designed mostly for children’s fingers, and not for any professional use, though the sounds were pretty good. In terms of features, you would get a rhythm generator, and several rhythm patterns, and buttons to play the various accompaniments.

The various tones in any electronic keyboard are produced using various synthesis methods. The earlier Casio keyboards used a sound synthesis technique known as Vowel-Consonant synthesis, to produce the sound of the various instruments.

Over the years however, PCM sample based tone generator became more dominant in the Casio product line. Post 1990s, the majority of Casio keyboards would use PCM tone generator or its variants, to produce the various instrument sounds.

Even the name “Casiotone” disappeared from their product catalog as more accurate synthesis technologies became prevalent. However, their low cost and good marketing strategy ensured that you could find Casio keyboards in abundance and made them fairly common fixtures in garage rock bands.

Some of Casio’s current keyboard series, such as the CTK, have being in existence for several years now!

Why People Like Casio Electronic Keyboards?

Here are the factors that make a Casio quite popular:

  • More Features, Less Price : In general, lot of users who want to learn a keyboard are just looking for some fun, or are playing after a long time, or do not want to invest a lot of money at the beginning. For them a Casio would be a perfect match as they do not have to shell out a lot of money.

    Besides, Casio offers lot more features than its competitors for a given price. For instance, the Full fingered mode can be found on many lower end casio keyboards. You’ll find offers that come with premium pack / bundle that give you extras like power supply, keyboard stand and stereo headphones at a much discounted price.

  • Ideal for Children: Casio features electronic keyboards that have smaller key sizes and have 2 to 3 octaves, called mini-keyboards, which makes them ideal for kids. They also have keyboards with lighted keys that make learning keyboards fun and easy. Most important thing is that all the features are really easy to use, so your kids will love to play the keyboard regularly…that is what you want when you get a musical keyboard for your children.

  • Ideal for Adults too: Most adults do not want to invest a lot of money when they are starting out. Reason being, they want to see how they progress for a year or so before they can upgrade to a high-end model. A Casio is perfect in that case because of its price. Besides, most casio keyboard models come with packed headphones. As an adult you will need headphones…that way you will not disturb others around, and you will not be conscious about the comments of others. Win-win situation!
  • Value-for-money for Experienced Players: Though they do not have a top class workstation yet, they do have a lot of models for the experienced/performing artist. Casio is gradually raising the bar when it comes to sound quality…case in point being the wk-series, higher models in the CTK series and the Privia pianos. The sound quality, looks and features offered (built-in Sequencer, Equalizer, MIDI, PC connectivity, etc.) are on par with competitors and will surely please intermediate/advanced players.

    Casio Keyboards, Casio Keyboard

  • Advanced Features: In addition to the numerous voices and styles, a top end Casio piano keyboard now comes with many advanced features.
    • Audio inputs that lets you connect a mic or guitar, which can then be heard from the Casio Keyboard speakers.
      Dual headphone jacks, sheet music for internal demo songs, are some of the other improvements that you can find on some of the top Casio Privia keyboard.
    • Multi-channel mixer to control the various parameters of the tracks
    • Built-in synthesizer mode to create your own tones
    • Full fingered mode
    • Saving and loading from external storage mediums
    • Midi… and lots more

    You can even download the latest and funkiest rhythms, tones, digital effects, wave files, and midi files from onto your casio electronic keyboard.

What Do Musicians Hate About Casio Keyboards?

The limitations, if any, can be ignored if you look at the price that you pay.

But for the sake of mentioning…here are some.

  • Though easy to use, advanced features like recording your songs and using the mixer can be a bit challenging. You will need to refer to the user manual
  • Lot of users still think that Casio is a cheap keyboard with poor quality. Our comment would be that if you are an experienced player, you can definitely find better keyboards at a premium
  • These are not the sturdiest of all digital keyboards, as the material used is plastic. Not that it matters for home use but if you intend to take it to gigs, ensure that you have a nice keyboard case.

Casio Electronic Keyboards, Casio Electronic Keyboard

Final Thoughts

Casio definitely has the cost advantage on its side, besides being easy-to-use that makes it popular among first time buyers…mostly children and adults.

But if you already own a keyboard of some other brand and are looking to upgrade to a higher model, don’t be tempted to assume that Casio manufactures only cheap keyboards.

Casio is slowly but surely raising the bar! And it is evident from their new launches in their Privia, WK and the CTK series.

The keyboard models in the WK-series and the 88-key portable pianos in the Privia series will make many experienced users sit up and take notice.

We are not saying that Casio keyboards are better than the best from the other Brands. But these keyboards and pianos have features and functions that give them the best price-to-features ratio.

So ignore Casio at your own risk! You may lose significant dollars if you do so!

Casio Keyboard Reviews, Casio Keyboard Review

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