Top 20 Best Casio Keyboards (2018): Casio Keyboard Reviews

Casio Keyboard Reviews: It is a known fact that Casio makes some incredibly priced digital Keyboards and Pianos. But now, they have even more to offer than just the cost advantage, which makes them popular among beginners and experienced players. It’s not just about the cost advantage anymore, here’s more on what makes them so popular with beginners and now even experienced players as well. Every model has its own strengths and features. Hopefully our Casio keyboard reviews will help you select the best model for your needs. Skip to the best Casio Keyboard on Amazon.

Best Casio Keyboards

It is difficult to match Casio keyboards when it comes to their pricing and the features these keyboards offer. Some of these are just amazing products for the price. There is enough on these affordable keyboards and digital pianos to impress beginners, though the higher models from Casio are impressive too.

Most of these keyboards are level-entry keyboards and portable digital piano keyboards with several nice to use features.

We have listed the best Casio keyboard models for beginners as well as the advanced models.

Top Casio Keyboards for Beginners

Casio WK-245 76-Key Electronic Keyboard
casio wk-245Want to learn a few classical songs on the keyboard? Its very likely that you may need more than 61 keys to play some of those (even the simple ones). However, the 88-keys digital piano with weighted action can be expensive for a first-timer (assuming you are buying your first keyboard). In that case, Casio WK-245 can be a good option. Its like the other 61-key models discussed here, but comes with 76-touch sensitive keys.

The Casio WK-245 is another value-for-money model from the Casio brand that gives you 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keys and more more useful features. This keyboard can be used for learning, for composing, or to enjoy its accompaniments. Although it has 76-keys, its lightweight and portable enough to be easily carried around. The 76-keys lets you practice many more songs compared to 61-keys (doesn’t come with real weighted keys though). Read more…

Casio LK-280 Lighted Key
The Casio LK280 61-keyboard is a lighted keyboard, which means the keys have the ability to light up, and can serve as an indicator to you to play the right notes. So just load one of the built-in songs and the keyboard will tell you what notes to be played by lighting up the keys. This is a feature that kids love the most.

The keyboard comes with 61-touch sensitive keys.

The best one in this category, the Casio LK280 is also available as a premium keyboard pack that gives you all the necessary accessories such as Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand along with the keyboard. Perfect for beginners who want to learn the keyboard, comes with touch-sensitive keys, and a much better sound. Read more…

Casio CTK-2550 61-Key

The CTK-2550 (replaces the outgoing CTK-2400) is jam packed with features, despite it being a beginners keyboard. The keyboard however does not come with touch sensitive keys, but it has 61 full sized keys.

Don’t want to spend much but want to explore all the features that modern keyboards have, this one is a nice option.

The Casio CTK-2550 61-Key Portable Keyboard features 48-note polyphony, 3-step learning system, 400 inspiring sounds, 110 built-in songs. You can even create your own dance music using the Dance Music Mode. Want to rock out with some tunes? Hook up your tablet and connect to the Chordata Play app and learn how to play all the songs you love by downloading the MIDI file.

Casio SA-77 Mini Keyboard
Casio SA-77 (and the Casio SA-76) is a smaller sized keyboard with 44-keys. The keys are not touch sensitive keys and slightly smaller in size that the standard key sizes found on keyboards. It comes with several sounds and styles, and even though its smaller in size, you can actually learn to play music on this keyboard.

There are several music teachers who buy 8 to 10 pieces of this keyboard for their music studio/classroom to teach students (most of them are kids).

Once the kids have spent a few months on this keyboard and show some promise, parents may consider upgrading to a 61-keyboard with touch-sensitive keys.

Casio Mini Keyboards are perfect for introducing your kids to the wonderful world of electronic music. So gift one to your kid today. Read more.

Best Beginner Keyboards with Pro Features

If you’re an absolute beginner, you don’t need these models. But if you’re looking for an inexpensive keyboard with nice sounds, styles/voices with few pro features, these are good models to consider.

Casio CTK-4400 61-Key Keyboard
casio ctk-4400Most of the entry level keyboards in the CTK series are good, considering the price and the features they offer. However, if you’re looking for a better model, — better built-in speakers and sound samples, more vices & styles, recorder, and so on, the Casio CTK-4400 comes across as a nice model.

Its priced marginally higher than the entry level keyboards int he CTK series, but has several useful features. Read more.

The CTK-4400 (comes with 61 touch-sensitive Keys) is a slightly more advanced keyboard, and has a few enhanced tools that makes it suitable even for amateurs and the intermediate keyboard players (not really for gigs though).

Best Casio Keyboards for Experienced Players

Here are the top Casio keyboards with better/pro features, these come with better sound samples, better speakers, lots of styles, effects, built-in sequencer and more.

Casio CTK-7200 Keyboard
casio xw-p1CTK 7200 is the top model in the CTK series. Comes with 61-keys and comes with several pro features.

While it cannot be compared with a top Korg, Yamaha or Roland synthesizer, it definitely has features that will appeal to experience musician, considering the price (how about using it a second keyboard).

It will also appeal to those who wish to upgrade to a better keyboard from a basic one.

Audio recording/playback. Mixer. Pattern sequencer. Drawbar organ tones. Rotary speaker simulation
Polyphony: 64. 16-Track Recorder.

Casio WK-7600 Keyboard
This is similar to the CTK-7200 but comes with 76 keys, so if you’re looking for a keyboard with more than 61 keys, this one is a nice model to consider (and it doesn’t cost a lot more than the 61-key version).

Casio CTK-6250

CTK-6250 is a fairly recent model, with several pro features. Has several features that inspires creative music making.

Use it for songwriting, composing sessions, live performance, or for music classes.

61 Keys, 16 track sequencer, 32-channel Mixer Button. Rhythm Editor, Arpeggiator. Polyphony 48 notes.

Dimensions: 39.2 x 17.5 x 6 inches, Weight: 19.7 pounds.

Casio MZ Series (Music Arrangers)
Casio has also introduced a few high-end arrangers (MZ-X500 and MZ-X300) that come with top notch sounds and styles, perfect for providing backing accompaniments and for one-man band situations. Casio seem to have introduced these keyboards to compete with the top keyboards from the Yamaha PSR series.

If you are missing a drummer or a bassist in your band, you will need something more than the cheap keyboard, this is also great if you want to upgrade to a midrange keyboard.

  • Casio MZ-X500: 61 synth action keys. Polyphony (max): 128 notes. 1100 Tones, great rhythms. Mic & USB Connectivity
  • Casio MZ-X300: 61 synth action keys. Polyphony (max): 128 notes. 900 Tones, great rhythms. Mic & USB Connectivity

Best Casio Synthesizer Keyboards

Unlike other brands, Casio doesn’t make a lot of synthesizers, but they have introduced a few in their lineup now.

Casio XW P1 Synthesizer
casio xw-p1Most of the keyboards we have seen here are arranger keyboards with hundreds of voices and styles. How about a performance synth? Most experienced musicians opt for synthesizers from brands like Korg, Yamaha, Roland. While Casio may not have a wide array of synths, the Casio XW-P1 comes across as an able synthesizer with several impressive features.Read more here…

Casio XW-P1 is more of a performance synthesizer (an entry level synthesizer), packed with some great features and sounds, and is quite powerful. This synth has the sounds and the real-time control that most performing musician need. The XW-P1 breaks the price barrier for virtual-analog synthesis, and is all ready to rock on stage.

Want a narrower list of the best Casio Keyboards? Checkout the top Casio keyboards here.

Read here for Casio pianos.

Casio Keyboard Reviews – Summary

Okay, so what are some really good keyboard models in the Casio keyboard series that should tempt somebody who is planning to buy one?

Starting with kids, you have the hugely popular 44 key mini keyboard, the casio sa-76 which is ideal for all little fingers. This keyboard does not come with touch sensitive keys though, which is okay for kids.

But if you are willing to spend a bit more, you can have the 61-key touch sensitive keyboard – casio ctk-2400, which is an excellent beginner keyboard with several cool features such as the ability to connect CD or MP3 player for practicing along with favorite songs. You may also consider the 61-key, lighted, casio lk-280 keyboard, which is fun to play.

Have you always dreamt of playing the piano, but are really short on budget? If you have never owned a keyboard before and would love to play a lot of piano songs, then have a look at the casio wk-245 76 key piano keyboard. It gives you all the arranger features along with 76 touch sensitive keys, and that too for entry-level prices!

Now for the intermediate to more experienced players, who are looking for something more – better sound, features and more keys and really don’t care if it is a Casio, but want a value buy. Then one of the hidden gems, which surprisingly not many people are aware of, is the 76-key casio wk-7600. With drawbar organ ones, powerful effects and synthesizer mode, it is for the experienced players who expect some more from their keyboard.

But what about keyboards with 88 keys, that have weighted keys, which are the better ones from Casio? It is from their Privia series, which is fast becoming a rage in the portable digital piano segment. Couple of models to watch out for are the privia casio px-160 and the privia casio px-360.

Various Casio Keyboard Series

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      Here are a couple of options for those in India.

      1) For around Rs. 5000, you may consider Casio CTK-2500, which comes with 61-keys (not touch sensitive keys).
      2) For around Rs. 15000, you may consider Casio CTK-6300 which comes with 61 touch sensitive keys.

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