Casio Keyboard Accessories – Adapter, Stand, Pedal Board, Sustain, Bench, Bag

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Review of various Casio keyboard accessories including Casio digital piano stands, Power Adapters, Pedal Board, Sustain, Bench, Gig Bag and other keyboard accessories.

Casio Keyboard Accessories, Casio Digital Piano Stand

Most of the first time buyers of digital keyboard instruments choose the Casio brand, either a mini-keyboard or a 61-key keyboard, or the 88-key privia piano keyboard.

And when you own a Casio keyboard, you will also need accessories to be able to enjoy your instrument thoroughly.

If you have never felt the need to buy accessories separately, it could be because you may have got those bundled together with your casio keyboard when you bought it.

But then a keyboard accessory could get worn out, or you could misplace it, or you may now have realised that you need certain accessories to enjoy your playing.

In that case, you may fall back on the casio keyboard accessories to meet any of your needs.

Some of the cases where you might need one:

  • You have misplaced the power adapter of you existing casio music keyboard, or if your existing power adapter is not working
  • You are Looking for a digital piano stand for your casio privia 88-key piano keyboard
  • You are looking 3-foot Pedal Board for your casio Stand that works effectively with your Privia piano
  • Various Casio Keyboard Accessories

    Here are the accessories that Casio provides for its piano keyboards:

    Casio Power Adapters

    Accessories like the Power supply Adapter is a must because you cannot operate your instrument otherwise (unless you chose to use batteries but they are expensive and are suitable for one-off occasions).

    If you play your keyboard mostly at home, it makes sense to buy one for your casio keyboard. You get various adapters that are suitable for SA series mini keyboards, CTK series, PX, and WK series models.

    Casio Digital Piano Stands

    If you own a piano keyboard like the casio privia, buying a regular X-style keyboard stand may give it the needed support, but it may not look great with it.

    A Casio keyboard stand on the other hand will not only provide the needed stability and secure platform for your privia piano, you will also get a feeling as if you are playing a real piano, not a cheap portable keyboard.

    These Casio keyboard stands also have an area for attaching foot pedals. So get one for yourself…

    Casio Pedal Board

    If you are a genuine piano player, you will like this keyboard accessory – the three pedal board! If you have observed an acoustic piano, you will have noticed that it comes with 3 pedals.

    Now you can have the same setup for your Privia digital piano and adds those extra piano dynamics to your piano playing. The 3 three pedal system uses an extended damper function for simulating half-pedalling.

    Besides, Casio now has also started making sustain pedals for their keyboards.

    Casio Benches and Stools

    Casio has been increasing the range of products in their keyboard accessories and now they have a series of piano keyboard benches as well. You can use the Casio benches to go along with any of the Privia pianos or the Celviano pianos. These benches are portable and can be height adjusted.

    Casio Gig Bags

    Casio Privia pianos have been becoming increasingly popular among musicians and a lot of them also use their Privia pianos for gigs. Casio has now introduced some stylish at the same time strong Gig Bags which can be used to safely carry your Casio Privia pianos. You can even use them with your wk series keyboards. Casio Gig Bags have pockets to conveniently carry few other keyboard accessories as well.

    Casio Digital Piano Stands

    Casio CS-67 Keyboard Stand for PX130 and PX330

    Casio CS67 Keyboard Stand for Privia Pianos: Includes CS67 stand and SP33 3-Pedal Board. Designed for PX130 and PX330, this stand makes your portable privia piano look more elegant and at the same time provides it adequate support.
    High quality dark woodgrain
    Excellent support
    Perfect for home
    Genuinely stylish appearance

    Casio SP32 Pedal Board for CS67 Stand

    Easily connects to keyboard stand
    3 pedal system
    Extended damper function
    Simulates pedal down 1/2 way
    Great for home of studio

    Casio Privia Gig Bag

    Protective carrying case for Privia Pianos.

    Works with PX-130, PX-330 pianos
    Easily carry your privia piano for music lessons or for gigs.

    Casio ARDX Double X Keyboard Stand
    Casio ARST Single X Keyboard Stand
    Casio All General Keyboard Stands

    Summary – Casio Keyboard Accessories

    You realise the importance of any keyboard accessory when it stops working or if you have misplaced it. Fortunately for you, Casio has a variety of digital piano stands and 3-foot pedals which you can use for its privia pianos. In case you have lost your casio power adapter, you can even select one from Casio’s range of power adapters. So go ahead and check out the range of casio keyboard accessories for your casio digital keyboard or piano.

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