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Best Casio Digital Piano available for various levels of players. Casio’s digital pianos are responsible for turning the fortunes of the company and making it a recognisable brand in the music gear industry. A Casio Digital Piano is on par with pianos from other leading brands, in terms of sound quality and feel. Here are reviews of Casio’s popular and cost effective pianos. Skip to the best Casio digital piano on Amazon.

Best Casio Digital Pianos

Most of the Casio digital pianos fall under the Privia and Celviano series. Casio now specialize in creating pianos for all level of players (especially their Privia range).

You can expect the following features on Casio pianos:

  • Better sound due to upgraded sound engine and better on-board speakers
  • Available at competitive prices.
  • Nice weighted keyboard touch
  • Great set of Features

Casio PX-150 Privia Piano

Casio PX-160 88-Key Privia Digital Stage Piano

The Casio Privia PX-160 88-Key full-size piano is a great piano for serious students looking for an affordable product, and even for gigging musicians (as an add-on board). This 88-key digital piano comes with USB MIDI and a fully weighted scaled hammer-action keyboard. Read more.

Features 88 weighted-key digital piano that utilizes Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard. 8w x 8w powerful speaker system. The PX-160 is the perfect piano for the home, or for playing out.

Casio Privia PX-560 Digital Piano

A recently introduced digital stage piano, its slightly on the expensive side, but there’s a reason for its. Besides having excellent keyboard action (fully weighted), it has the features of an arranger keyboard (several styles & voices), and features of a stage piano (17-track sequencer, tone editing, etc.). Use it for practicing at home or for performing on stage.

Casio PX-350 Privia Piano

Casio PX-360 88-Key Privia Digital Stage Piano

The Casio PX-360 Key Digital Piano comes with color touch-interface, has great keyboard action, and a great selection of tones and rhythms. Its lightweight and compact, and can be used for gigs as well.

Casio PX5 Digital Stage Piano

Casio PX5 Digital Stage Piano

This is perfect for the onstage performer looking for synth and performance features at an affordable price. Excellent sound quality and quite portable. Features tone editing, insert effects, MIDI controller capabilities, an Ivory Touch 88 note scaled hammer action keyboard. USB MIDI interface for connection to your computer without the need to install drivers. Authentic sounding piano tones are sure to impress.

Casio CGP-700 Digital Stage Piano

Casio CGP-700 Compact Digital Piano

Casio CGP-700 piano comes with great keyboard action, pro-level piano sounds, has a much-improved sound system and comes with a user-friendly color touchscreen.

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Casio AP-250 Celviano Piano

Casio AP-250 Celviano Upright Digital Piano

A good opportunity to own an upright digital piano. Good combination of elegance and performance. The Casio AP-250 Celviano features a scaled hammer-action keyboard, 128-note polyphony, sequencer (2 track), Duet function, panel-lock feature, 2 headphone connections, 3 pedals, USB/MIDI connection, built-in speakers.

Casio AP-420 Celviano Piano

Casio AP-420 Celviano Upright Digital Piano

The Casio AP-420 Celviano features Ivory Touch Hammer action keyboard, USB terminal, SD Card slot, 128-voice polyphony, 2-track sequencer, Duet function, panel-lock feature, 2 headphone connections, 3 pedals, USB/MIDI connection, built-in speakers.

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Casio Pianos – Various Series & Popular Products

Over the years Casio has been producing entry level keyboards, meant primarily for beginners and intermediate players. There repertoire does not include top class synthesizers or workstations yet, and that is the reason many experienced musicians won’t even consider a Casio if they were to look out for another keyboard instrument.

The same applied to digital pianos as well until Casio came out with their Privia and their Celviano range of digital pianos. Casio surely have something on their hands that gives their digital pianos a chance to compete with the other leading brands.

Casio now offers a stylish range of home & portable stage pianos. Privia and Celviano are the popular Casio piano series.

Experienced players may be satisfied with the key touch on Casio, but may feel that the one offered on Yamaha, Roland or Kawai are a notch better. On the entry level models, it may not possible to get a very delicate touch, as in a piano.

Nevertheless, most of these models are an excellent step up from non-weighted or semi-weighted keyboards.

Pedal related: Though value for money, some of you may not find the bundled pedal to be of top quality may. Some models like the Privia px-330 supports half-pedaling, but only if you buy the Casio pedal board.

Don’t carry any preconceptions about Casio. Casio has successfully reinvented their piano business and you, as users, are definitely the beneficiaries.

Best if you want to learn piano or if you need a portable piano that doesn’t take much space and will easily fit in your apartment.

An excellent set of features for the money! You will definitely not be disappointed.

Recommended Casio Digital Pianos

Recent Improvements To Casio Digital Pianos

We all know that Casio offers more value for your bucks, but would you accept a digital piano that does not score well on sound quality and keyboard feel – two important aspects in a digital piano, even if it were offered to you dirt cheap?

No way!

And that is precisely what Casio has improved in a big way in their range of digital pianos. Sound quality, key touch, and looks…all have been significantly improved.

Casio pianos now use a new sound source and use high-precision stereo samples that deliver the sound quality and play-ability of a fine grand piano. Now you’ll get the same richness of expression as on an acoustic grand.

Die hard fans of Yamaha and Roland may still not be convinced into buying a Casio but the fact is that you should at least try out a Casio digital piano before you decide to buy another brand.

Casio Pianos – How Does Casio Compare with the Big Piano Brands?

Casio Pianos are changing the rules of the game with perfect blend of quality and affordability. The competition better watch out!

Casio Pianos, Casio Digital Piano

Known primarily for its music keyboard, Casio has introduced some great digital pianos over the last few years that have made people sit up and take notice.

Though they carry a wide range of models, beginners who are keen to learn to play the piano but do not want to spend a lot, will find some of the Casio piano models simply irresistible.

In the sub $1500 category at least, Casio is doing to the digital piano segment what Samsung has done to the Television market.

You ignore them at your own peril!

Do not be tempted to pass on the Casio digital pianos, just because you have some impression about the Casio brand of keyboard instruments.

What to Expect from Casio Digital Pianos?

Casio’s popular range of digital pianos includes the Privia and the Celviano series of pianos.

The Privia being more of portable, stage pianos and the Celviano AP series include upright home pianos.

Though the keys are weighted, the more expensive the model, the closer the Casio piano resembles the keys on a real acoustic piano.

In terms of features offered, you can expect to find all the digital piano related features on a Casio electric piano.

Powerful built-in speakers, LED display, Lesson Function, Song Sequencer, Song memory, Digital Effects, Line in/out, Pedals, USB connectivity to Computer…are some of the important features.

A high-end model would have all these features and would usually come with free accessories like score book, music stand, headphones hook, and CD-ROM (USB driver and SMF converter)

Casio Digital Piano, Casio Digital Pianos

Does it Have Lots of Pro Stuff?

Casio has been introducing new synthesizers (Casio XW series) in the market and they are quite good as well. To be frank they are better than most of the popular brands out there in that category. Though they may not have lots of models as of now to compete with the likes of Korg, Casio definitely is trying to shake off its image as a producer of cheap stuff.

I guess they have lot of work to do in this area of image management because for long they have been associated with budget keyboards which was seen as cheap plastic stuff by many.

But with their current offerings it is only good news for the end users because now it means more “pro” stuff in their products and without much addition to the cost.

Casio digital piano

Does Everybody Like It?

If you are a parent looking for a piano for your child, or if you are an adult beginner, or if you have played keyboards before and looking to supplement it with a good piano, then you will definitely like what is being offered here.

Bear in mind that almost all the Casio pianos fall in the sub $1500 category, so it may not feel and look as sophisticated as some of the more expensive offerings from Roland, Yamaha or Kawai.

More than the sound, it will be things like the key touch and pedals, that some of the more accomplished players may still not be totally convinced with.

But even if you are a connoisseur and try out some of the top Casio piano models, I am sure you will appreciate what is offered, especially when you look at the price tag.

Most of them do end up buying the Casio Privia piano, in addition to their primary piano at home, so that they can use it while on the go.

Final Thoughts

Casio pianos – Privia and the Celviano, have their own distinctive sound and have improved a lot in the sound and overall design department. The sound samples used in a Casio piano is far superior and the high quality built-in speakers and amplifiers further add to the quality of the sound produced by these pianos.

These pianos have a far improved keyboard touch & feel, and the top ones have graded hammer action keyboards. Here the keys are heavier on the left side and gets gradually lighter as you move to the higher registers. This is how the keys on an acoustic grand piano feel.

A Casio piano can be a perfect piano for a beginner who wants to learn to play the piano but does not want to spend a lot. Even experienced piano players can consider owning one of the top models, or buy one as an additional piano-keyboard. Casio Pianos cost comparatively cheaper without compromising on the looks, sound and the keyboards touch.

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