Casio CTK-4400 PPK 61-Key Keyboard Review

The Casio CTK-4400 PPK 61-Key Keyboard (with touch-sensitive Keys) and replaces the outgoing ctk-4200 keyboard. The package includes useful accessories such as a headphones, power supply and stand. It comes with enhanced tools and instructional features that makes it suitable even for amateurs and the intermediate keyboard players, besides the absolute beginners. This is priced just over 150 bucks. Although it comes with several pro-like features, its not really built for gigs (although nothing stops your from doing so).

casio ctk-4400

  • PROS – Pricing (considering the features offered), Better keys, Better sound, More than a beginner keyboard
  • CONS – No pitch bend, Not really a pro-keyboard

This is not exactly a beginner keyboard as several advanced features have been thrown in. Its a semi-pro keyboard instrument equipped with several functions. The Casio CTK-4400 comes with several features that makes it suitable even for the intermediate level musician, especially for those who have started creating their own music.

Not only does it have good touch-sensitive keys, it comes with a 6-track on-board recorder that lets you create songs. You can choose from hundreds of built-in tones, you can even split or layer the keyboard for interesting sound combinations. You can sound like an orchestra using the several built-in rhythms. The various arpeggiator patterns, and the ability to add reverb and chorus effects, makes it even more interesting to play.

Who Is It For?

  • Absolute beginners
  • Adults playing after a long break
  • Intermediate players looking for a value buy, for practicing
  • For gigging and for recording purposes, you may want to checkout the higher CTK models as they come with better sound engine and gives you more control over the various sound parameters.

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    Built-in Keyboard Lessons
    Use the built-in Step-Up Lessons guide to learn to play the hundreds of built-in songs at your own pace by breaking the songs down into small easy-to-learn phrases.

    You can see the correct fingering and hand positioning on the large LCD display.

    Intermediate players can refer the built-in Chord Book and also record yourself playing along with any of the 152 built-in songs.

    Enough Stuff for Music Creation
    If you are past the beginner stage, you can make use of the various features to record your own songs, using the 6-Track Recorder. Choose from the several built-in tones, turn on the Auto-Accompaniment feature to record rhythm, bass, or chords to your song automatically.

    If you are comfortable playing only in certain octaves, you can even use the transpose feature to raise the keyboard up to one octave up or down.

    It also comes with a sampling function, which means you can grab a drum sound or an audio clip from your computer (using the 1/8-inch audio input), and trigger it using the keyboard.

    MIDI & Audio connectivity
    You can connect your ctk4400 to the computer using USB midi for more creative possibilities.

    You may also connect an mp3 player / iPod using the 1/8-inch audio input and play along to your favorite songs, or just capture some samples (using the sampling function).

    You can even connect a pair of headphones for silent practicing.

    • Premium keyboard pack comes with Samson HP30 closed-cup headphones, keyboard stand, and power supply
      61 piano-look, touch-sensitive keys

    • 61 dynamic touch keys (touch-response)
    • 48-note polyphony
    • 600 keyboard voices, 180 lively rhythms, 152 songs, 32 registration memories allowing you to store settings such as tempo, tones or rhythms easily.
    • 5 Song, 6 track recorder
    • Built-in reverbs and many more effects
    • Large backlit display with notation and fingering display
    • Integrated step-up Piano lesson system
    • It also runs on batteries so you may also take it along when on holidays (weighs only around 10 pounds).
    • USB MIDI port
    • 1/8″ line input for connecting external MP3 player
    • Headphone output
    • Includes an AC power supply, music rest, and music book.
    • Weight: Just around 10 lbs
    • Included single X-braced World Tour stand can hold 49, 61, 76 and 88-key keyboards with a maximum weight of 130 lbs. The height can be adjustment from 25.25 to 38.75 inches allowing you to perform in either seated or standing positions.
    • Included Samson HP30 Headphones offer better hearing experience, these come with padded headband and earcups for more comfort.
    • Included AC adapter means you don’t have to spend on batteries.

    Bundled Package
    The bundled package comes with few more accessories like stand and headphones. You can even do without these accessories to begin with, as long as you find a place to rest your keyboard and you’re comfortably seated to play it. But then if you look at the price, the bundled package doesn’t cost a lot more than the individual keyboard, so might as well buy the accessories if you intend to buy this keyboard.

    casio ctk-4400

    Here’s what one of the users had to say about this product:

    “The bundle is perfect, the stand is common but sturdy, the headphones sound real clear, the pc cable works fine, recommended product/bundle for beginners like me, it’s not too advanced nor too basic. I have on my plans to produce music with the rhythms and tones who are a lot, it seems pretty easy and simple, I just need some practice.”

    “Great for practicing . I needed a keyboard that was not exactly a very beginner model, and the ctk-4400 just about meets my needs. The price was also perfect. Its just that I thought the package included a stand and headphones, but instead I got some music books. It seems I didn’t buy the package deal but the stand-alone version. You can even connect a mic to this keyboard, although the mic doesn’t seem to be part of any package deal.” – Karen

    “I think this is a great and economical keyboard to start practicing on, before investing in a full-fledged digital piano. This is also a great way to confirm that your renewed interest in playing the piano isn’t just a passing fad. Luckily, I have spent hours practicing on this keyboard, and still am not bored. I would definitely recommend this keyboard to all my friends who wish to learn to play the piano. – Mike”


    The CTK-4400 is a great keyboard for beginners to learn and for general practice. If you want something from Casio for gigging, it is recommended that you go for the next higher model in this series. But considering the features available, decent sound layering capability and the fact that this is available for only around $150, the Casio CTK 4400 keyboard is definitely worth it for the right reasons.

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