Casio Celviano Digital Piano – Upright Pianos for Authentic Playing Experience

Casio Celviano AP Digital Piano comes with the resonance of a fine Grand Piano. These upright pianos have elegant design and features for an authentic piano playing experience.

Casio Celviano: AP Series Pianos

Here are the popular models in this series:

casio AP250 celviano

Casio Celviano AP250 Digital Piano

The Casio AP250 offers a 3-pedal unit suitable for traditional piano pedaling. Suitable for the serious piano learner and for those looking for a piano in the classic design. Read more here…

casio AP-420 celviano

Casio Celviano AP420 Digital Piano

If you are looking for a better touch and sound quality than the AP-220, then the AP-420 with Ivory Touch Hammer action keyboard is a good product. It features a USB terminal, SD Card slot, 128-voice polyphony, 2-track sequencer, Duet function, panel-lock feature, 2 headphone connections, 3 pedals, USB/MIDI connection, built-in speakers. Read more here…

Casio Celviano AP620

Casio Celviano AP620 Digital Piano

The AP-620 is one of the best home pianos for under 2k, with top quality construction, ivory touch graded hammer keyboard & brilliant sound. 128 note polyphony, duet mode, panel-lock function, 2-headphome connections, 3-pedal unit, SD-card slot, extensive accompaniment feature, rhythm editor, 17-track sequencer, USB (midi). Read more here…

Have you been looking around for a competitively priced Upright Digital Piano, that has graded hammer action and also has an eye-catching appeal?

Have a look at the Celviano AP series digital pianos from Casio!

These are basically cabinet pianos (upright pianos), with the rich resonance and keyboard touch similar to a grand piano.

With the Privia and the Celviano pianos, Casio is trying to ramp up its digital pianos presence in the market, where it did not have much to offer earlier.

Various Casio AP Celviano Digital Pianos

Why Consider a Casio Celviano Piano?

We have mentioned it often on this site, that unless you are a die hard fan of other brands or have been playing the piano for many years, you should at least have a look at the Casio pianos before you decide to go ahead with any other brand.

The cost-to-features ratio offered makes the Casio digital pianos really attractive.

Casio now has a great line up of digital pianos, especially the Casio AP piano series. If you have always wanted to own a real piano but could not afford the cost, a Casio Piano from the Celviano AP series could be right for you.

Other Benefits

Here are some of the important features and functions that are available on a Casio Celviano AP piano.

Elegant Design – An elegant and refined look, available in a brown rosewood or cherry finish, that would complement the decor of your room.

Superb Sound – Vastly improved sound source and samples provides all the rich resonance of a fine grand piano.

Authentic Piano Feel – A spring-less graded hammer action system that provides a keyboard touch that is similar to the one used by grand pianos.

128 note polyphony – Play the most difficult pieces, with high-speed passages, that require intensive damper pedal operations – all without any problem.

In addition you also find other features like Lesson play, Music Library, Digital Effects, and Metronome.

Casio AP Digital Piano, Casio Celviano Pianos

Recommended Casio AP Celviano Digital Pianos

Things that Could be Better?

Connoisseurs will argue that the piano sounds are not of topmost quality and we agree with it to some extent. But the fact is that overall, the piano sounds are good and if you hear it through good headphones, the piano samples sound bit better.

There are very few buttons on a Celviano piano, and most of the functions on the piano can be selected using a combination of these buttons and the appropriate key on the piano. This can make it a bit difficult to remember the proper combinations until you have got a complete hang of all the functions. Until then, you will have to keep referring the user-manual.

Recommended Celviano Piano Models

The Casio AP220 Celviano piano is a great digital piano if you live in an apartment and want a compact piano that has nice piano sounds, minus the many other features which most digital pianos have. It is easy to assemble and is much cheaper than some of its counterparts. It may lack the finesse (only to some extent) but for the price you pay, the sounds on the Casio ap220 Celviano Digital Piano is very good.

If you are looking for more than just basic set of piano sounds and a better looking and more solid piano, then you can consider the Casio AP420 for more sounds, additional features and better sound/touch.

Want accompaniments as well in your Casio piano? Checkout the Casio AP620!

The Celviano ap-620 will give you the best of everything bundled in one powerful and aesthetic looking piano. Surprisingly for this package, things like pitch-bend and modulation wheel are missing, not a big deal if you are going to play the piano but it would have been a good addition. Compared to a Roland or a Yamaha digital piano, the keys are a bit lighter, which is not really a bad thing. Some people just prefer slightly lighter keys (they are weighted though).

The AP-620 costs more than the AP-420 but then you get several additional features like styles, more voice, SD slot, LCD screen, powerful amplifier and dedicated buttons for selecting most features. So if this is what you need, go for the Casio AP620 Celviano Digital Piano.

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