Casio CELVIANO AP620 Digital Piano Review

Casio AP620 Celviano Digital Piano


The Casio AP-620 Celviano Digital Piano is an affordable piano, considering that it is available in the classic design, and comes with several features including several accompaniments and 128-note polyphony. It’s easy to use and has a good keyboard actions with some realistic piano sounds. With this piano, Casio definitely has a product that will give the likes of Yamaha and kawai a run for their money.

Affordable, Easy to Use, Realistic Sounds, Good Action

No pitch-bend, Small LCD display

Best Place to Buy
On Amazon, Casio AP620 Celviano Piano for $1300-$1500


This is the top-end product in the Celviano series of upright pianos. Not only they look excellent, this one also has sounds & features to match, with the triple weighted keys making the keyboard feel like a real piano. Take pianos from the other brands that cost a few hundred dollars more than this product and you would still find reasons to go for the AP-620. The sound & craftsmanship is top quality, it also looks like a high-end furniture in your room.

Who Is It For?

  • This is for everybody who wants to own a digital piano, with the classic upright design, but doesn’t have the budget to buy something high-end.
  • This is perfect for learning (for those who are really serious about learning to play the piano) and even for practicing as the keyboard feel is excellent, courtesy the “Ivory Touch” weighted graded keyboard.
  • The Overall packaging and finish is also good and can be a nice piece of furniture in your living room.

A couple of downsides: If you like to play with more of non-piano sounds, you will miss the pitch-bend control. Secondly, even cheaper models nowadays come with bigger displays; in that regard this one comes with a slightly smaller LCD display.

Casio AP-620 Celviano Digital Piano
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Ease of Use
Usability has never been an issue with most of the Casio digital pianos, so same applies here as well. Its easy to access all the features, sounds and rhythms, and your selections can be seen on the LCD screen.

This one also comes with a pull down keyboard cover that not only adds a nice look and also protects the keyboard, its not mentioned in the specs and its difficult to make it out from the images/videos.

Nothing beats the Casio when it comes to the value-for-money proposition and you get the best of everything in one instrument.

Even if you are an experienced musician and own a synth or stage piano, this one can be an excellent piano for the family, where you or your children can come and play together.

If you have played on a cheaper Casio piano before, you may already have some misconceptions about this brand, but this model is different. The sound is much better and on par with other brands at this price.

The Casio Celviano piano series definitely seem to offer a good package, considering their price and the amount of features that are thrown in, in an attractive package.

There are feedback from users, saying that they don’t have the best piano sound, or in some cases, some users even say that they are not built to last.

If you look at it price-wise, there is no beating it. I would agree that the sounds may not be top-notch, especially their non-piano sounds, but they have reasonable sounds and look like an upright piano.

But then, there is no other alternative in this price range, from any other brand. So if you really plan to upgrade from a portable keyboard to a digital piano, this can be a really good option.


Here are the key features:

  • 128 note Polyphony
  • 250 built-in tones and 180 rhythms
  • excellent 4 Layer Grand Piano sampled voicing
  • 88 keys and 3 pedals
  • “Ivory Touch” weighted graded keyboard with “Tri-Sensor” hammer action (THREE triggers for accurate true feel and fast response)
  • Powerful 30-watt built-in speakers
  • Duet functionality with TWO headphone outputs
  • USB, MIDI, and 1/4″ audio outputs
  • SD card slot
  • Power supply and cable included
  • Beautiful design with height-adjustable Bench

  • Video Review

    Overall Ratings

    If you want an affordable piano for learning or for practicing on top of the excellent accompaniments, this piano is a good fit. It comes with an Ivory Touch

    keyboard for a fantastic touch. 250 Tones, 180 Rhythms, and 128-notes of polyphony make the Casio AP-620 Celviano Digital Piano suitable for advanced

    playing as well.


    User Comments…

    Casio AP-620 “Please wait” error message
    by: Anonymous

    Have the following issues:

    1) Unable to save brilliance settings even with Backup set from Off to on. Was successful before.

    2) Unable to keep Backup set to Off from on. Powercycle reverts backup to On.

    3) When I hook piano’s usb port to laptop, it gives error message “Error, data exchange” though the piano’s drive does show up. The drive does not show any default directories. When I manually create and save the default directories, it disappears when I reconnect to USB.

    4) I am unable to reset piano to factory default now as it would give an indefinite “Please wait” error message. I was able to reset it back to default before by following the instruction in instruction book.
    New Pedal Assembly Problem for Casio Celviano AP-620 Digital Piano
    by: Paula (San Francisco)

    I just installed a new pedal assembly for my Casio Celviano AP-620 Digital Piano and set the acoustic resonance setting to “On.” However, when I play either the Grand Piano or Modern Piano setting, my notes are not sustained. Please help me figure out why my new pedals are not working. Thank you in advance for your help. By the way, does any know of a Casio digital piano repair person in San Francisco?
    Casio AP-620 Celviano Piano
    by: Joe

    I’ve had the AP-620 Celviano for some time now, and have not faced any problems yet. With my Bose Headphones plugged in, it just sounds out-of-this-world.
    Casio CELVIANO AP-620 Digital Piano Review
    by: Luke

    I would agree to its value proposition, but most experienced players who have owned good boards before, may not consider it. I don’t think it is built for the long term. It might start with one of the keys giving a clinking sound, and then soon it will be a wobble and so on. Personally, I also do not prefer its sound so much. Besides, even though the repair is under guarantee, it would really be a pain to arrange for sending the piano on my own.

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