Casio AP250 Celviano Digital Piano

The Casio AP250 comes with a scaled hammer-action keyboard, and has the sound quality and feel that replicates the sound and feel of a real piano.

Casio AP250 Celviano Digital PianoThe Casio AP250 Celviano piano comes with a better piano sound and a redesigned keyboard action. It offers a 3-pedal unit suitable for traditional piano pedaling. Suitable for the serious piano learner and for those looking for a piano in the classic design! Those who prefer the best piano action and with a stretchable budget may consider the Casio AP420 or the AP620.

Casio AP250 Celviano Piano: Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Affordable, Classic Design, Non-Cluttered looks
  • Cons: Sequencer (only 2 tracks)

Who Is It For?
If you are a serious piano learner or want a piano for practicing, and don’t need all the bells and whistles, this is a suitable piano. The design is clutter free and all the selections have to be made using a combination of button and keys.

It also provides good learning features, and has USB midi that can be used for more creative possibilities.

Part of the Casio AP Celviano Series of UprightPianos

The Casio AP250 is the lowest model in the AP Celviano series that consists of upright pianos. The piano has decent sound, good touch, and lots of features. Each of the three models in this series is designed to suit different requirements, such as simplistic performances, or for recording songs, and so on.

Casio AP-250 Review

The digital piano segment is only getting better for the consumers with some top quality & affordable models being launched recently. The Casio AP250 certain raises the bar and is one of the best pianos in the sub-thousand dollar segment. This one replaces the AP-220 and has a much better sound and key-action.

Casio AP-250 Celviano Digital Piano

About the Brand
If you’ve already used this brand before, then probably you may not need a lot of convincing. However, if you’ve always used another brand then you may probably have those notions that Casio makes only budget keyboards for the very beginner.

However, the fact is that the Casio brand has improved a lot in recent years because of their quality pianos that they have reached recently, and several experienced musicians are indeed praising their line-up of pianos. Casio AP250 Celviano Digital Piano definitely is among the better high end pianos, especially for those who’re looking for an elegant upright home digital piano. You can expect great customer service from this brand, though its very unlikely that you’ll have to contact them.

More Benefits
The ebony and ivory keys makes it feel like an expensive piano. It comes with a sliding key cover to keep it dust-free.

You get a library of around 60 songs that can be learnt at any tempo. The Duet Mode makes it possible to connect two headphones so that two people can play/practice together.

The recorder lets you record 2 tracks max, but I guess that’s because this piano doesn’t come with any accompaniments.

This Casio AP250 Celviano piano comes with a piano bench.

Casio AP250 Specs

Here are the key features:

  • 18 high-quality tones including stereo-sampled grand piano tones
  • Digital effects: reverb (4 types), chorus (4 types), brilliance, DSP (preset for some tones)
  • Lesson feature using 60 Music Library songs plus 10 user loaded songs
  • Duet Mode enabling two people to connect 2 headphones and play
  • Recorder: 2 tracks x 1 song
  • Slide-type keyboard cover
  • Auto Power Off (conserves power)
  • USB: Yes
  • Pedals: Built-in 3 pedals; Half-Damper pedal Operation
  • Bench, AC Adaptor, Music Stand, Score Book Included

Casio AP250: Video Demo / Review

Casio AP250: Buying Links & Prices

The competition for the best sub-1000 dollar digital piano just got hotter. Available in traditional design with an easy layout, sliding key cover, and a much better piano sound and key action, the Casio AP250 is perfect for learning to play the piano, or for use at home or even in the studio.

Buying Options

The AP-250 is a decent piano for the price, an entry-level piano with upright piano-like look. It comes with several features.

  1. Reply
    Troy February 8, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    I’ve been playing the piano for over 2 decades now, I have played on countless expensive pianos – ranging from digital, to piano keyboards, to concert grands. I also used to play competitively on instruments valued over hundred thousand dollars.

    The Celviano AP-250 is not bad at all for its price. The keys feel good, and the sound is vibrant and articulate, at any volume (and better through good quality headphones).

  2. Reply
    Cheryl June 8, 2016 at 8:15 pm

    This piano looks nice, goes with everything. Easy to assemble. Downside is that it only has a couple of other sounds – no violins or trumpets, but it has a sequencer to record.

  3. Reply
    Mak March 7, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Here’s a mini review of the Casio AP-250. In the past, I have owned the privia px-330.

    Tone and Sound
    When the piano is first turned on, it starts with the Concert Grand setting, which unfortunately was very stuffy and unimpressive. The Modern Piano setting is far more desirable and sounds brighter. The problem is that every-time you turn on the piano, it defaults to the Concert Grand preset(did not find anything in the manual, probably there’s something in the manual to set it right). Overall, the sounds do not have fullness to them (like you find on Yamaha and other competing models).

    The on-board speakers are also not great. At the highest volume, the sound feels different. I will avoid buying this piano, unless you plan on buying external speakers.

    The action is muh better (compared to the px-330). I always felt Yamaha’s GH action was superior in this price range, but Casio has done a great job with the keys of their pianos. The synthetic ebony and ivory keytops feel good (although its a very thin layer on top of the keys).

    The cabinet design is elegant. The bench was a little low for me. The pedals were also a little resistant (I am assuming it will be alright over time).

    Overall, its not the best sounding piano for the price. It does feel like a piano should and would be adequate for novices (with untrained ears). The Casio AP-620 sounds and feels much better, and has better speakers.

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