Casio 88 Key Keyboard: It’s No Longer about Value-for-Money

A Casio 88 Key Keyboard is the most affordable way to get started on the piano. Here are some budget keyboards that offer features that make them true value-for-money propositions.

When it comes to buying a digital piano, lot of buyers are hesitant to go in for Casio 88 key keyboards because of its perceived image. Most of them think that since it is much cheaper compared to its peers, Casio would be making average quality digital keyboards and pianos.

But that is not true!

For many years now, Casio has been targeting buyers, who are looking for value; who want to buy their first keyboard instrument; or players who possess intermediate level skills.

If you belong to one of these, a Casio 88 keys keyboard will be a good bet if you are looking for a piano-keyboard to learn, practice or even to perform. In fact the privia range of pianos is out there ready to surprise a lot of people, especially those who are reluctant to consider it. So don’t just ignore it without checking it out.

Casio 88 Key Keyboard, Casio 88 Keys Keyboard

Reviews of Cheap Casio 88-Key Keyboards

When I say “cheap”, it really doesn’t mean inferior quality and that it will break down any moment, it just means it is made of basic quality with fewer features.

Here are a couple of options that you could explore.

The Casio PX-Privia series has some cool portable pianos that offer a great combination of touch and sounds. Several pianos from this series are best selling models currently, and perfect for students for learning or even for experienced players who want to practice. These come with fully weighted keyboards and is indeed a great value for money piano.

Checkout more models from the Privia series.

But if you don’t have that kind of a budget, and are okay to own a portable keyboard with 76 keys, the second best option is to go in for keyboards from the Casio WK series. These are comparatively cheaper and most models come with bundled package that includes Stand, Headphones and Power Supply. The keys are not weighted but then for its price that would be asking for a lot more.

Checkout more models from the Casio wk series.

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Casio 88 Keys Keyboard – Useful Features

The Casio Privia series has one of the most exciting 88 key keyboards. Everything about it is great – the looks, sound, feel, and of course the cost.

You can connect headphones to your Casio piano for silent practice, or you can even connect it to external audio equipment or amplifier and play through external speakers for more powerful volume and better sound quality.

Casio 88 key keyboards also have built in music library with songs that you can play back for your learning. While playing back, you can turn off the left hand part or the right hand part so that you can play that part.

Even the piano keys come with graded hammer action, which is a lot like the keys on an acoustic piano. Harder in the lower octaves and lighter as you move to the higher octaves!

Besides, you also get the standard features available on digital pianos, like built-in sequencer, digital effects, midi connectivity, metronome, etc. When you buy a casio 88 key keyboard (privia), you get a digital piano stand to match the color of the privia piano.

Summary – Casio 88 keys keyboard

If you are looking for an 88 key keyboard, that looks and feel more like a digital piano and not a musical keyboard, have a look at Casio 88-keys keyboard, especially their Privia range of keyboards. Don’t even make the mistake of assuming things about it before you try them out. You may lose out on a good deal. And it’s not only about the cost part here, casio pianos look elegant, have great piano sounds, and come with graded hammer action keys, all this at a great price. In fact they even have a stage piano that is great for onstage performances, perfect for those who are looking for a budget performance 88 key keyboard.

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