Can a DJ be Classified as Musician?

With due respect to everybody, can a DJ be classified as “Musician” or are they plain “Entertainers”?

Visit any dance festval or any huge musical event, and you’ll see some of the greatest DJs at work.

You will find people saying things like “DJs are superstars” and what not.

However, any other time this topic comes up, and you’ll surely find a lot of people who will have reservations about categorizing a DJ as a musician.

And why is it so?

DJs Only Press Buttons?

This is one of the most widely expressed opinion, that most DJ players only press buttons.

They Don’t Play Any Instrument?

Most feel that DJs don’t sing and neither they play any music instrument. Some DJ’s definitely could be musicians, but being a DJ only doesn’t make them a musician.

DJ and Musicians

What they do make them more of “Entertainers” and not really “Musicians”.

Is Scratching same as Composing Music?

Most DJs consider scratching to be a skill that makes the music better. Mixing tracks together requires you to have an understanding of tempo and beats.

But does that make one a musician?

Checkout this video here and let us know what you think.

To Conclude

There are many DJs who firmly believe that electronic music now is much more innovative than some of the rock music that’s been released this decade. There are some DJ’s who’ve written and produced some great music. The debate of course continues…

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