Brass Musical Instruments: Buying Guide

Brass Musical Instruments. Although you may have noticed most children having an electronic keyboard or a guitar at home (most get it as a gift), Brass Musical Instruments are a common sight in Schools where they form a part of the School band / orchestra. And starting in the school band is a great way to experience the wonderful world of music.

brass musical instruments

Popular With Younger Students

The school band / orchestra is where you get to create beautiful sounds made by the harmony, cooperation, and synchronization of several musical instruments played together.

Besides, playing music in a band or orchestra is lots of fun, where you get to make music together with other people.

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So, be it a band or orchestra (classical chamber music ensembles or peppy marching band performances) make sure you experience it, if you have the opportunity.

The advantage of Brass music instruments is that they’re great beginner musical instruments for the younger band and orchestra students. They’re also lightweight and versatile.

Various Brass Instruments

Brass instruments include French horns, baritones, bugles, sousaphones, trumpets, cornets, and euphoniums, with the Trumpet being the more popular one among school students.

These are available in a variety of finishes and metal plating, so you may choose the right equipment as recommended by your music teacher.

And because lots of younger students play these instruments, you can even find colored ones (especially trombones) to add some pep and school spirit.

Buying a Brass instrument

Here are a few scenarios that you may run into, if you’re looking to buy a brass instrument for your junior.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the toy piano or the toy guitar, you have the option of buying a toy trumpet (you get them for around $25).

In case you don’t want an expensive brass instrument for your child (in case they change their mind later about the instrument, or about learning music altogether) you may buy a more reasonably pried ones (around 100 bucks) in the beginning to see if your child develops a liking for the instrument.

If your child is in a school that has a music band, check with the music / band director to see if they have a rent-a-instrument arrangement with a local music shop. If they do, make use of it. Finally, you may also consider buying a used trumpet or any other brass instrument from eBay or your local music shop.

With so many options available, I’m sure you will be able to buy the right brass musical instrument, be it your your younger one, or even for your own self.

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