Brass Instruments Accessories and Supplies

Essential Brass Accessories: Find a large selection of accessories and parts for Brass Instruments.

Why You Need Accessories for Brass Instruments

You need accessories for music instruments to help play better, to offer protection, to do cleaning and maintenance. You also get spare parts to ensure the music instruments works for along time to come.

For Better Protection

Here are some popular brass accessories that most instrument players use:

Cases and gig bags and instrument stands ensure instruments are protected in between practice sessions and performances.

Cases are hard, and built for musicians who travel out of town to play. Gig bags, on the other hand, are lightly padded and best suited for brass musicians who perform locally.

Instrument stands are standard stage equipment as they give musicians quick and easy access to their instruments during performances.

For the Desired Tone

Brass mouthpieces and mutes play a major role in an instruments sound production. The mouthpiece is the part of the brass instrument that touches the musician’s lips. They are chosen based on many factors, the most important being the embouchure of the musician, the desired tone and the instrument itself.

Brass mutes typically fit into the bell of the instrument. However, they can also be suspended outside of the bell with a clip or hang from the outer lip of the brass instrument. The most common materials used for mutes are metals – aluminum, brass and copper metal. And while each metal produces its own unique tone, all mutes are generally known to sharpen the instruments sound.

Care & cleaning

Accessories also come in the form of care and cleaning supplies.

Regular instrument maintenance is a must – which is why a complement of repair tools and cleaning kits is essential. Using the proper maintenance accessories will go a long way in extending the playing life of any instrument.

You get entire kits like the Bach 1877 Trumpet Repair/Maintenance Kit and the Giardinelli French Horn Care Kit.
You get single brass care items like the Bach Deluxe Silver Polishing Cloth and Schilke’s Tuning Slide Grease.

Buying Brass Accessories

No matter what brass instrument you play – trumpet, trombone, tuba, cornet, French horn, euphonium, sousaphone, or any other horn, you will find accessories to fit your musical need.

You will find a great selection of accessories such as Brass Mouthpieces & Mouthpiece Accessories, Bags & Cases, Mutes, Cleaning & Care, Brass Instrument Stands, Brass Lubricants, Finger Buttons, Hand Guards, Leadpipes, Lyres and Flip Folders, Mute Accessories, Mutes, Used Parts, Valve Caps and Brass Miscellaneous Accessories.

Pro Tec Liberty Mutes ML100
Protec’s Liberty Aluminum Mutes offer rich tone, durable quality, and excellent value, essential for any trumpet player.

Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C
Nice & comfortable mouthpiece for anyone who wants consistency while playing.

Blue Juice Valve Oil
Fast acting oil, long lasting, and helps to keep horns clean internally, makes it easy to play.

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