Boss Guitar Pedals

Boss Guitar Pedals

Guide to Boss Guitar Pedals & effects, and the best options that are available for your guitar.

The first set of Boss effects pedal came out way back in the nineteen seventies and became an instant hit at that time. The model was CE-1 Chorus and it was considered the greatest effect of its time.

Since then, be it the Overdrive pedal, or the Phaser pedal, or the flanger pedal, or any other type of effect, each of them became quite a hit with the musicians.

Boss effect pedals have since then been stomped on by hundreds and thousands of bass and guitar players.

More About the Brand

Here are some things to know about this brand:

  • In existence for several decades now
  • The brand is owned by Roland Corporation
  • Always in the forefront when it comes to innovative equipment and instruments for musicians
  • Popular for their legendary line of colorful guitar and bass effects pedals
  • The range of equipment includes effects pedals, multi-effect pedals, electronic tuners and pedal boards
  • BOSS now also makes Digital Studios, rhythm machines and other electronic equipment
  • Range of Equipment

    Though BOSS is known for their pedals, they actually produce several different types of gear for musicians, such as:

  • Rhythm Machines
  • Loop stations
  • Tuners / Metronomes
  • Multi-track Recorder
  • Accessories

  • Boss Guitar Pedals

    Their distortion and overdrive pedals, because of their versatility, are one of their biggest sellers and a favorite with hard rock and metal music fans.

    The range of pedals from BOSS include several Compact, Twin & Multi-Effect Pedals.

    BOSS Distortion / Overdrive Pedals

    Digital Delay and Reverb Effects

    Vocal Performer

    Multi-Effects Pedals

    Pedals for Bass Guitars

    BOSS also makes other Effects pedals such as:

  • Flangers, Chorus, Phaser and Tremolo
  • EQ and wah pedals
  • Octave and intelligent pitch shifting pedals
  • Audio Player with Guitar Effects
  • To Conclude

    With a range of top quality equipment from this brand, you can now spend less time tweaking the sounds and spend more time playing your instrument, using the Boss Guitar Pedals.

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