Best Yamaha Keyboard models, prices, reviews: How to choose guide for beginners

Best Yamaha Keyboard: A Yamaha keyboard is a quality musical instrument, and is a favorite with many first timers. Yamaha musical keyboards usually end up as the first musical keyboard for many beginners, and almost all the beginner models have touch sensitive keys. Here we have reviewed several Yamaha keyboards which will help you to decide which one is right for you. There is a wide range of electronic keyboards available, and you will definitely find these reviews helpful. Here are some useful suggestions to help you decide and choose the best Yamaha music keyboard for your skills & requirements.

Know About the Various Series

Have you made up your mind to buy a Yamaha electronic keyboard? Confused between buying a Yamaha and Casio? If yes, you may want to read the Yamaha vs Casio comparison, before you read further.

If you have, then here is how you go about choosing best Yamaha keyboard for your requirements.

Best Yamaha Keyboard

Yamaha keyboard instruments are available in various series to cater to the needs of different skill levels and budgets.

For example, the PSR and the YPT series are 61-key arranger keyboards, suitable for most beginners (though PSR has several advanced models as well). The DGX and YPG keyboards are arranger keyboards but have more than 61 keys.

Checkout the various yamaha keyboard series here.

Best Yamaha Keyboards for Beginners

So what are the options you have if you have to buy a Yamaha Musical Keyboard?

You have many, and here are the series of Yamaha keyboards that you could consider.

Yamaha Lighted Keyboards – EZ series

For beginners, especially kids and growing children; can be used by adults as well!
The best part about lighted keyboards is that it makes learning to play electronic keyboards fun and easy, with those guided lights. Read more…

Yamaha YPT Series Portable Keyboards

This series has arranger musical keyboard for beginners and intermediate keyboard players. Not much different from the PSR series keyboards, hence most stores/outlet stock either the YPT or the PSR keyboards. Read more…

Yamaha PSR Series Musical Keyboards

This is Yamaha’s most popular musical keyboard series and has keyboards for beginners to the most experienced keyboard players. Read more…

More Tips for Beginners

The premium you pay for a Yamaha piano is not just for the brand name, but also for its high quality sound. The built-in speakers and the sound samples used in a Yamaha are just too good.

Pick up any entry-level keyboard in the PSR or YPT series and try comparing its sound against a Casio…you can immediately hear the difference and that is why you pay a bit more.

Another reason for the popularity of Yamaha arranger keyboards is the Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S), an exhaustive set of music lessons to help you improve your skills.

If you want the best for yourself, without worrying too much about the budget, then a Yamaha entry-level keyboard will be suitable for your needs.

Besides the usual arranger keyboards, Yamaha also have lighted keyboards for kids, which is a fun way to learn the instrument.

Yamaha has a wide range of entry level touch sensitive keyboards for beginners and intermediate players. Choose your first musical keyboard today from the PSR, YPT or the EZ series keyboards.

Models to look for: Yamaha lighted keyboard, YPT series and few models in the PSR series.

  • Yamaha EZ series: Contains 61 keys Lighted keyboards
  • Yamaha YPT Series – Contains 61 key arranger keyboards for beginners
  • Yamaha PSR Series – Contains 61 key arranger keyboards for beginners as well as experienced musicians.
  • Don’t Rush for the Higher Models
    If this is going to be your first electronic keyboard, you should bear in mind not to get distracted with the loads of features and new technologies, which adds to the cost.

    Decide on a budget and stick to it, since you may get tempted to buy one of the higher models, when you actually see and hear them out.

    Even the most basic electronic keyboards nowadays come with 61 keys, hundreds of voices and styles, midi, etc. So stick to the budget, you will need to spend on your keyboard / piano lessons as well.

    Models in the PSR or YPT series should be fine for you! Not much difference between the two, you may choose what you like.

    If you’re looking for more options, then you may want to check out the best portable keyboard for beginners & hobbyists under 200 dollars.

    Number of keys

    Yamaha used to produce musical keyboards with less than 61 keys, for the earliest beginners. Their 4 octave keyboard was easier to carry to school for lessons, but they have stopped making them now.

    Nevertheless they have some light weight 61 key keyboards as well which are quite portable.

    The best thing about Yamaha is that it has a wide range of keyboards now suited to various needs. If you have learnt keyboards or the piano before, you may want more than 61 keys to be able to play some of the classical pieces.

    Yamaha’s YPG / DGX series have some of the best musical keyboards in the more-than-61-key category. They come with graded hammer action keyboard as well, besides the usual musical styles and voices.

    Touch Response Keys

    A Yamaha keyboard tends to be a bit more expensive than a Casio keyboard, but then Yamaha has better sound quality.

    But when it comes to touch sensitive keys, they all feel more or less similar. Besides, you have options to change the level of sensitivity on most keyboards nowadays.

    Ideally, go in for a Yamaha musical keyboard with touch response keys as opposed to a keyboard lacking this feature. It will help you to play the songs with expressions and that’s the way the keys on a real piano are also built.

    Look for Promotional Offers

    Lot of sellers will have promotional offers from time to time, wherein they will give the Yamaha keyboard along with power adapter and keyboard stand for a discounted price.

    At times they may throw in a keyboard bag or a keyboard dust cover.

    It can definitely save dollars for you! So always be on the lookout for such deals, especially when you are buying online.

    Yamaha Musical Keyboard

    Summary – Best Yamaha Keyboard

    Choosing the best Yamaha digital keyboard can be easy if you are clear about your budget and the features that you need (mentioned above). Most people like Yamaha because of the simple fact that they produce nothing but the best when it comes to digital keyboards. If possible, see and hear out the various models, and soon you should be able to find the best Yamaha keyboard for yourself. A Yamaha musical keyboard is definitely a worthwhile investment if you are serious about learning the electronic keyboard. If you are tight on budget, go in for limited features as mentioned above or go in for a used Yamaha keyboard. You do not need a full loaded electronic keyboard in the early stages of learning. If at all you decide to buy, buying a Yamaha keyboard online makes sense as you can find great deals on them.

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