Best ‘Mid-Range’ Synthesizer Keyboards for Cost-Conscious Musicians

Best Synthesizer Keyboards for cost-conscious musicians! Each of these offers premium sounds and professional effects in an ultra-light and compact design.

Looking for a compact keyboard synthesizer that can be used for on-stage performances as well as in the studio?

Here are the top synthesizer keyboards sold by various manufacturers and available for less than 700 US dollars.

Yamaha MX61 61-Key Synthesizer

The Yamaha MX61 Music Synthesizer offers over 1000 voices from the Motif soundset, vintage effects emulations, and easy on-the-fly splits and layers, and more. Designed with the gigging musician in mind. Read more here…

Korg X50 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard

Introducing the new X50 music synthesizer; packed with Korg’s distinctive and world-renown sounds, designed for easy and intuitive operation, and with an ultra-light and compact design that’s ideal for the active musician.

Roland JUNO-D 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard
Roland’s JUNO synths are known everywhere for their great sound, ease of use, and exceptional value.

Korg microSTATION 61-Key Synthesizer Workstation
Designed to satisfy the beginning musician or the accomplished keyboardist, the microSTATION offers unprecedented portability, the stunning sound of Korg’s EDS-i synth engine, phenomenal effects, plus new and easy-to-use sequencing tools. Audition riffs make finding just the right sound a breeze. Read more here…

Korg PS60 61-Key Performance Synthesizer
Designed for the gigging – or soon to be gigging – musician, the affordable Korg PS60 delivers premium sounds and professional effects in an easy-to-use package. Heavy on hardware, the PS60’s new dedicated performance controls keep all the needs of the performer close at hand.

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