Best Electric Guitars for Beginners and Hobbyists


Best Electric Guitar under 200 / 300
Best electric guitars, suitable for most beginners and hobbyists. These are also excellent gifting options.

With experience, you will realize that the components of the guitar play an important role in the overall tone of the guitar. For example, high-output pickups are a great choice for playing loud, aggressive music.

The good thing for beginners is that these days you get great sounding electric guitars (and even packs) that offer outstanding tonal quality and value for money (you have several choices for less than 200 bucks).

Do Consider Electric Guitar Starter Packs

When buying an electric guitar, you need an amp as well, and some accessories as well. Rather than buying them separately, you can also buy Electric Guitar Kits/Packs that includes everything (amps, case, and even lessons) to help you get started. They also offer good value for money.

Best Entry Level Electric Guitar for Beginners for Beginners

Here are some popular ‘entry-level’ electric guitars, available for beginners.

Squier by Fender “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” Set

This set features a great-sounding, sweet-looking and easy-playing Squier SE Special guitar with three single-coil pickups; plug it right into the included 10-watt Squier SP-10 amp with headphone jack. Accessories include an instructional DVD, an electronic tuner, guitar strap, gig bag, guitar cable, guitar stand and picks—everything you need to Stop Dreaming and Start Playing! Read more…

Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Electric Guitar

You now get that trademark Les Paul shape in an economical package, including to open-coil Alnico V Humbucker pickups for great classic sound and the Tune-o-matic bridge/Stopbar tailpiece combo for sustain and that Les Paul signature tone. Read more…

Best Entry Level Electric Guitar for Serious Students

At this price point, you will find models that are really not ‘beginner guitars’, but then they are also not guitars for the intermediate players, these are somewhere in between. However, each of these are real value-for-money offerings.

B.C. Rich Son of Beast Avenge Electric Guitar

B.C. Rich Son of Beast Avenge Electric Guitar

If you love playing the metal, and want an awesome looking guitar to match, you should definitely checkout the BC Rich Avenge Son Of Beast Electric Guitar, read more…

Epiphone LP-100 Electric Guitar

Epiphone LP-100 Electric Guitar

A more affordable version of the Les Paul but with almost all the features, the Epiphone LP-100 electric guitar comes in slimmer body and is quite comfortable to play, read more…

Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack

Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack

When it comes to affordability, you can expect Yamaha to deliver a quality product for a reasonable price. The Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack provides you with everything you need to start playing the electric guitar, read more…

ESP LTD EX50 Electric Guitar

ESP LTD EX50 Electric Guitar

This stylish guitar is made for ‘metal’, with powerful humbuckers, superior sound, and a body type to match. An easy to play instrument with a radical design, and available for a reasonable price, read more…

Best Electric Guitar

Things to Keep in Mind

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for your first electric guitar in this price range.

  • Affinity Strats by Squier, BC Rich, Epiphone, Ibanez, ESP are good choices in this price range
  • Don’t forget the amps, Line 6, Peavey, fender Mustang are good amps
  • You may also buy used stuff, that automatically doubles your budget (requires more knowledge of guitars though)

Experienced players would agree that new players should buy a guitar WITHOUT a tremolo bridge, as All drop tuning plays havoc with the bridge (tremolo bridge). You should ideally go with something that has a fixed bridge. If you plan to drop tune, consider a hardtail bridge; its anyway a better idea for a new guitar player.

The good guitars in this price range usually don’t come with a tremolo system (the ones that have are just about okay). Good tremolo mean something like the Floyd Rose style locking tremolo, which costs more.

More electric guitars here…

If you’re a beginner its best to stick to something basic, such as a Fender stratocaster or perhaps the ones from Ibanez and upgrade to a better one down the line. If you need a guitar for playing in any particular style (such as metal), you may also need the right amp to get sound you’re looking for.

Most experienced guitar players look at construction, components and intonation, before buying a guitar. The good thing is that the major brands (Ibanez, Jackson, ESP) have good quality controls in place so you can expect the guitars to be of reasonable quality, even if they are cheap.

In case you are not going in for a bundled package, go in for a good amplifier such as the ones from Peavey or the Line 6 Spider IV series.

Irrespective of what brand you buy, you need to remember that you can play almost any type of music with any guitar. You may need the right pick ups though (easily replaceable). So go ahead and pick up your favorite telecaster, stratocaster, ESP, Ibanez, or any other brand. And if you’re not happy with the outcome, take it apart and install new pickups.

Some of these entry-level guitars, even though they’re inexpensive, are actually quite good and not some cheap stuff.

Sure, they are not sturdy or sound like the performance guitars used by pros, but these are fully functional, come with decent sound, and are built well enough for learning and practicing.

Have a look at some of these options; they are big names and you can definitely trust their products.

Here’s a guitar that not only sounds great but also looks like a beast. Most famous metal guitarists have guitars that look their part; something that matches their image and goes with the sound of that genre.

A more contemporary looking one, but equally good sound is the Epiphone LP-100 Les Paul vintage sunburst electric guitar. Looks beautiful and is quite lightweight; if you want a more affordable Les Paul model, this is it.

Coming back to the brand that most beginners prefer – Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar Package that also includes Yamaha Amp, gig bag, chromatic tuner, and more. Perfect beginner electric guitar kit!

Why Electric Guitar?
One of the main reasons for the popularity of the electric guitar is because it is used in several modern genres of music such as metal, rock, and blues, just to name a few. The pro-level instruments can be quite expensive with some of them even costing around a few thousand dollars.

But the options discussed here cost much less, and are perfectly suited for beginner and intermediate level guitar players.

With electric guitars, you also need an amp to hear the sound. In most cases, you do get bundled packages that also include an amplifier along with the guitar, so look out for such options in case you don’t already own one.

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  4. Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst

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