Best Digital Stage Pianos for ‘Budget Conscious’ Performers

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Best digital pianos for stage performers Best digital stage pianos for stage performers, for pro performers looking to dominate the stage with a mind-blowing selection of top notch sounds.

Looking for a powerful digital stage piano with stunning sounds, easy to use feature, and something that is portable?

If you’re in the market for a professional, yet reasonably priced digital stage piano, you may wish to consider these models.

Take a look at these digital stage pianos!

Roland RD-300NX 88-Key Stage Piano

The RD300NX comes with stunning 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano sounds and is powered by Roland’s latest sound engine for incredible sound quality. It doesn’t come with built-in speakers. This is an impressive stage piano, with amazing pianos and EPs onboard, plus audio-play and master control features.

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Yamaha CP40 88-Key Stage Piano

The Yamaha CP40 uses several sounds from its top concert pianos, and also offers vintage electric pianos, and more Motif-derived sounds. Its flexibility and portability makes it perfect for the working pro on the go. It doesn’t come with built-in speakers. You may even use it in live situations (church, school and other live situations) where everything needs to be performed on one keyboard. This piano has a graded hammer action and a light-weight, portable design.

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Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano

The Korg SV-1 looks classy, has a great collection of tweakable pianos, electric pianos, clavs, and organs, plus a selection of vintage amp models and reverbs. Easy layout and dedicated buttons for most selections (no CD).

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The above three choices are all excellent in their own right, with musicians having their own preferences. Yamaha pianos are generally easy to use and good in orchestral sounds, Roland scores high in all departments and also has a very sturdy build. Kurzweil are used a lot by pro musicians, although they are relatively unknown outside the US.

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Yamaha CP-33 piano

Yamaha CP33 88-Key Stage Piano

These ‘electric grands’ are quite popular for their authentic sounds and live performance convenience. The CP33 draws on the rich tradition and experience of the CP series, and gives the live performer all the sound and expressiveness of a superbly mic’d grand piano with the portability and versatility of a modern digital instrument. Read more here…

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