How to Bring Home the Best Digital Piano Keyboard: Factors To Consider

Best Digital Piano The Best Digital Piano for you will depend on several factors such as your budget, your skills levels, how serious you are about learning, what do you want to use it for, and your overall musical objectives. Find out what are the factors you need to consider before you zoom in on your favorite Digital Piano Keyboard.


Though most of the Digital Pianos now offer all the features found on a musical keyboard, a lot of people do not buy a digital Piano because of those features like musical styles and effects.

The best digital piano for some users would be the one that would come with beautiful piano sounds, authentic piano keys, and great looks.

Anything else in addition to these would be those nice-to-have, but not absolutely necessary features in the digital piano.

So when it comes to buying a Digital Piano, unlike a music keyboard, only a few factors may help you to make up your mind.

Look at Multiple Aspects

When you are seeking the Best digital piano, there are certain factors which you should consider before you zero in on your favorite model.

The factors that you would mostly be concerned about are the Price, Sound, Key action, portability, looks, and then the other features.

Let us look at them further.

Best Digital Piano, Best Digital Pianos

Best Digital Piano & Keyboard

Does it Sound Impressive

Some of the best digital piano would cost you in excess of 1000 dollars, so the sound has to be good. Usually, the higher range pianos sound good because they use better sound samples and have better built-in speakers.

Please note that some of the models do not come with built-in speakers. So you either hear the sounds on a pair of headphones or connect your digital piano to your home system or get external amplifiers.

Though all the piano models sound good from a distance, if you sit down and observe very carefully, you will find that some of the models in the lower price range have a slightly muddier sound in the bass region.

This is not a matter of great concern if you are a beginner and considering the amount you pay, but if it is, then you will have to look for a slight expensive model.

The best digital pianos are able to replicate the sounds perfectly in all the registers…they are punchier in the bass and brighter in the higher registers.

Listen to the sounds of the pianos that you are considering and ask questions like:

  • Does the piano sound realistic?
  • Does the sound resonate and decay naturally?
  • Do the bass notes sound clear and thumping?
  • Do the high notes sound bright?
  • Besides a set of different piano sounds, you can also expect some guitar and string sounds in your Digital Piano. Of course, if you are willing to pay more you will get a lot of sounds and effects just as in an electronic keyboard.

    How is the Keyboard Action

    Another area which takes some time to decide is the action of the keys.

    This can get confusing as you will hear various terms to denote a key action. The most commonly used terms are synth action, semi-weighted, weighted, hammer and graded hammer action.

    Out of these synth and semi-weighted can be avoided if you are serious about piano playing. The best digital pianos use Graded Hammer action as it emulates the action of a grand piano but it will cost you more.

    Feel free to try out various pianos and ask questions like:

  • Does it really feel like real piano keys…or may be as close as possible?
  • How is the resistance of the keys? Does it feel too light or heavy?
  • Please go through this article to know more about the various key actions.

    What About its Looks

    This is again an important factor but will vary from person to person as the color, finish and look can only be decided by you.

    There are so many types – upright, grand piano or the simple stage piano, and within each of these there are so many models that deciding which one to buy will take some time.

    Just remember that for some people, the Digital Piano is not just a musical instrument, it is also an important prop/furniture in their living room. It adds to the aesthetics of your house and a lot of people are attracted towards a Piano because of its looks.

    Is it Portable

    I am sure you must have seen an upright piano and a grand piano and will be aware of the space it occupies. It is even a bigger task if you have to move it for some reason or the other.

    Besides, the cost of these Pianos starts at anywhere from around 1200 USD to 4000+ USD. If these are a matter of concern to you, then you can have a look at the stage pianos.

    Stage pianos look like an electronic keyboard and normally do not have built-in speakers.

    Theses are your best bet if you are looking for something that is affordable and easily portable. They are designed to be lightweight but at the same time give you 88 keys and a very good piano action.

    What is the Cost

    Now this is relative and depends on your budget. If you are an absolute beginner, I would still recommend you to probably buy an entry level keyboard costing around 100-150 USD and learn for some time before going in directly for a Digital Piano.

    This way you are less likely to give up on your digital piano. The cost of the pianos normally starts at around 1000 USD and the best digital pianos can cost up to 4000 USD.

    A lot of people who buy a Digital Piano have taken music lessons before or would be playing after a long break. But as mentioned earlier, this is your choice and depends on how much you have to spend.

    Other Features

    The Digital piano is also going the electronic keyboard way in the sense that you can get all those styles, effects, sequencer, layer and split functionality, USB, MIDI and expandable features in your Digital Piano.

    Though MIDI and a set of basic piano sounds are provided in all the models, you will have to pay more for the models with built-in musical styles, effects and the other features.

    If it is not overshooting your budget much, go in for a model with musical styles. You will definitely enjoy the experience of playing your digital piano keyboard along with the musical accompaniments.

    Best digital pianos by price


    As you can see, though a beginner piano is an instrument that can help you to get started with music, you do get instruments that are used by world class performers and also digital keyboards that can be used for full-fledged music production. You also get keyboards that can easily be carried in a backpack, for those who own a mobile studio. Keeping the above factors in mind will help you focus on your specific requirements and help you find the best digital piano keyboard for your needs.

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