Best Digital Pianos for Advanced Players / Pianists

Best Digital Pianos for advanced players / pianists reviewed here. These pianos have impressive piano sounds, have authentic piano touch and feel, have high polyphony, are well-built/durable so that they can last a lifetime, and some even come with several advanced digital features. Skip to the best advanced digital piano on Amazon.

Casio PX560BE
Casio PX560BE 88-Key Digital Stage Piano
List Price: $1,199.99
Price: $1,199.00
You Save: $0.99
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There are a few pianos from Nord that are good but they are a few thousand dollars. In case, you’re wondering if you should buy a real grand piano, you may consider something from Nord, such as the Nord Stage 2 EX, which is available for a quarter of the price and can also be used as a gig piano.

But if you have a budget under a couple of thousand dollars, your best bet is the Yamaha P-255 (can be used for gigs too) or the the Yamaha Arius YDP-181 which is an excellent home piano with an upright design.

These are wonderful options for the advanced piano players/pianists, and should keep you satisfied for a very long time (and should also last a very long time).

Advanced (Pro) Digital Pianos: Buying Guide

Have been playing the piano for some time now? Perhaps its time to upgrade to a piano that will motivate you further to become a better player. While most experienced players dream of an acoustic grand piano, such as the Steinway, the fact is that its neither affordable nor practical for many.

A pro digital piano is what most players settle for. These may not have the majestic looks of a Steinway but the top ones definitely have the feel and tonal quality of a real piano. Most of these are already being used by professional musicians and professional recording artists in studios.

And the best thing is that these available at a fraction of the cost of a real grand piano.

Advanced pianists usually look for the following in a pro digital piano:

  • High-quality sound samples that really sounds wow. And almost all of these sound extremely good.
  • Authentic feel and touch of the keys…should be as close to the real thing. That is why most of these digital pianos use Ivory tops/wood to replicate the keys on a real acoustic piano
  • Regarding features, its a mixed bag. While everybody desires features like midi, usb, ins/outs that lets them connect to pedals, computers, amplifiers, headphones, there are some advanced piano players who are happy with only these features and a select mix of sounds/voices. They don’t desire the extra tons of features (they call them bells & whistles) on their pianos. Then there’s another set of players who desire all those features that will come handy while performing on-stage or when making music in the studio.

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