Best ‘Budget’ Synthesizer Keyboards for Working Musicians

Best Synthesizer Keyboards for the working musician on a budget. Each of these is a professional performance instrument and a studio tool, but priced well within the reach of the working musician.

Looking for a keyboard synthesizer that can be used for on-stage performances as well as in the studio? Need something that suits your wallet? Take a look at these synthesizer keyboards.

If you’re in the market for an affordable synthesizer keyboard, you may want to consider these models. Most of these are a cross between a live-performance synthesizer and a music-production workstation.

Korg KROSS61, 61-Key Mobile Workstation Keyboard

Reasonably priced and lightweight, the Korg KROSS-61 looks sleek, comes with killer sounds, mic input, built-in audio recorder, 16-track MIDI sequencer, drum track, arpeggiator, powerful production tools, and more. Runs on six AA batteries. Korg KROSS 61 on zZounds

Roland FA-06 61-Key Music Workstation Keyboard

The Roland FA-06 keyboard is feature-rich, easy to use, and has a good library of sounds. It has tons of INTEGRA-7 sounds and expressive real-time controls, is packed with powerful effects, a 16-track sequencer, onboard sampling, USB audio/MIDI interfacing, DAW transport controls, and more. Roland FA-06 on zZounds.

Korg Krome-61 Keyboard Workstation

Comes with powerful sequencing and cutting-edge sounds (from the acclaimed Kronos keyboard). Besides the uber-realistic “German D Grand” piano sound, you get hundreds of sounds, arp patterns, drum grooves. 16-track sequencer, Krome editing software, 61-key semi-weighted piano action, and more. Korg Krome-61 on zZounds.

Yamaha MOXF6 61-Key Keyboard Synthesizer

MOTIF XF sound quality, sound engine and VCM effects. Hundreds of preset performances, 16-track sequencer, 4-in/2-out USB audio interface, DAW interfacing capabilities, semi-weighted keybed, lightweight. Yamaha MOXF6 on zZounds

Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer

Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer

Great for on-stage use, easy to step Into the Spotlight and connect with your audience. Features onboard sound generator (many sounds from the derived from the Roland Fantom G), expression controls on the neck, six hours of battery power, and more. Roland AX-Synth on zZounds

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