Best Budget Portable Home Pianos With 88 Keys

Top budget portable home pianos with 88 keys, suitable for beginners to learn piano, and for experienced players for practicing. Most of these are priced around, or under $500. These come with nice sound and fully weighted keys. Most of these digital pianos come with built-in speakers as well. Yamaha and Casio are the more popular options in this case as well. While the Yamaha P series pianos have great sound an touch, it will not offer lots of features in this price range. Casio Privia PX pianos, on the other hand, offers lot of sounds and extra features. Skip to the best portable home piano on Amazon.

Best Budget Portable Home Pianos With 88 Keys

  • Are you are a beginner looking for a digital piano to start learning the piano?
  • Are you an intermediate player (or even experienced piano player) looking for a nice inexpensive piano to practice at home?
  • Are you a college student looking for a portable but compact piano to practice at the college dormitory?
  • Are you looking for a piano keyboard that has good quality piano sounds and a good keyboard touch?
  • Are you one of those who do not care about the several built-in styles, hundreds of voices and effects?

Here are the best possible piano choices, with 88 keys, in the ‘budget’ price range (well under $500). The focus here is more on the feel of the keys (authentic, weighted piano like action). These are suitable for serious beginners as well as experienced users.

Yamaha P115 Digital Stage Piano

yamaha p115The Yamaha P115 is a simple yet elegantly designed piano with excellent sounds and keyboard feel; perfect for the serious learner and for piano practice. It comes with drum patterns and pianist styles (and not with hundreds of accompaniments if that’s what you are looking for). Authentic keys and an excellent piano sound. Great for learning or for practicing. Read more…

The P series from Yamaha has some really nice digital pianos (without accompaniments). If you have the budget, you can choose the top end models in this series. But in the $500 range, the Yamaha P115 is a good piano with nice piano action and piano sounds.

Yamaha P45 Digital Pianos

yamaha p45If you’re looking for an affordable stage piano from Yamaha, the P-45 digital piano is the one to consider. You get a piano that offers a real acoustic grand piano sound and touch, yet it’s lightweight and compact. Packed with more performance options, the P-45 can be used at home, in the studio, or for live performances. Read more…

If you want a reasonably priced digital piano that comes with good weighted keys, this is the one. Its the entry level piano in the P series of pianos.

Yamaha P71 88-Key Digital Piano

Yamaha P71 88-Key Digital Piano is a great beginner digital pian that can be used for learning or practicing. A full sized piano keyboard with fully-weighted keys (GHS action) in a lightweight body. It comes bundled with Sustain Pedal and Power Supply. The volume of the speakers can be a bit low. The Yamaha P71 is the entry-level piano (cheapest) in the “P” series and a nice piano to start learning the piano. Full review…

10 different voices, layer mode, weighs only 25 lbs (depth of less than 12 inches).

If you find the P45 expensive, you can go in for this model. Yamaha P71 is a good choice for beginners as it comes with simple functions (allows ease of playing), and has nice piano like keys.

Casio PX-160 88-Keys digital Piano

Casio PX-160The new Casio Privia PX-160 redefines the digital piano category with unprecedented sound quality and performance in a sleek package that is supremely portable. The Casio Privia PX-160 features all new grand piano samples and a good action. An excellent piano to help you get started! Read more….

You get a great overall package. Lots of features plus a piano with nice action, all for a reasonable price. Casio Privia series of Pianos are quite popular with users, and this one is no exception. This is Casio’s entry-level Privia digital piano, you get gorgeous grand piano sounds with 88 fully weighted hammer-action keys, plus USB MIDI and more.

Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano

Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital PianoThe Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano is an affordable 88-Key Digital Console Piano that looks good, has a decent set of features, and is suitable for beginners who are keen to learn the piano but don’t want to spend a lot on a grand piano. Read more…

Williams may not have a wide range of Pianos like Yamaha or Casio, but the pianos they have are of good quality, with good sounds and touch. In this case, you get a full-size digital piano with 88 hammer-action weighted keys, and a nice set of sounds. Good features and doesn’t cost much.

Korg SP-170 Digital Piano

Korg sp-170The Korg SP170 Piano is an 88-key digital piano with a clean and simple design, minus all the bells and whistles, and perfect for playing the piano at home, church or even in the studio. Read more…

KORG’s Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard. Total 10 sounds. Built-in speaker system. 2 headphone jacks. Rich, vibrant sounds and an authentic grand piano feel.

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The Popular Ones

The above are cheap digital piano with 88-keys that you can hope to find at this price point.

Yamaha and Korg have been around for some time now, especially their P series and the SP series respectively. So we are going to talk about the excellent sounding and sturdily built
yamaha p115 and the affordable korg sp170.

The Casio Privia pianos are obviously the dark horse here, with a couple of models mentioned here. That is because in terms of built they may not be the most robust, but the casio px160 and the casio px360 offer real value for money considering the sound and the keyboard touch are very good.

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Digital Pianos: Modern & Convenient

If people have been advising you to buy an acoustic piano, remember by all means go for it, but remember, not only does it take more space, and difficult to move, there’s also maintenance efforts and costs involved.

And if you’re looking for a budget digital piano, chances are that you’re still learning to play the piano, or have been playing on 61-key arranger keyboards and are looking for your first 88-key piano (with fully weighted keys).

Today, its possible to find a good digital piano with nice action and lots of features for around $500. These pianos are suited more for beginners and intermediate players. While the piano action and the sound quality is good, the features available are limited. And these are also not very sturdily built (not built for the road).

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Digital pianos also offer several advantages, compared to a traditional acoustic — you get built-in metronome, digital display screen, several voices and styles, headphone outputs, midi, and more. You get a convenient and customized playing experience, in a more compact and lighter-weight version of a real piano.

Detailed Piano Reviews

With these digital piano keyboards, available with 88 keys, if you are a beginner you can play many of the popular piano pieces, which you could not have otherwise played on a 61-key keyboard.

The graded soft touch piano-style keys on these keyboards are suitable for beginners, and will be liked by experienced players too.

If you’re in the market for a digital piano keyboard with 88 keys, you may wish to consider these models.

Here are the top ‘budget’ piano keyboards with 88-keys.

The Keyboards summarized here:

  1. Yamaha P45 Digital piano
  2. Casio PX160 88-Keys Scaled Hammer Action
  3. Yamaha P115 88-Key
  4. korg sp170 88-Keys
  5. Williams Allegro 2 Digital Piano

Digital pianos have got better over time, and more affordable. Digital pianos nowadays has a fantastic range of features, the quality of sound and the piano action has improved a lot. We have listed some great digital pianos here, so choose one and get started on the piano.

Recommended Accessories

Here are some piano keyboard accessories that you will need to make your piano playing more enjoyable.

Since some of these keyboards can be heavy, a double-x keyboard stand is preferable to single-x stands. A better option is a piano like stand.
A good piano style sustain pedal is also a must for piano players and if you are going in for a piano like stand, a pedal board for your stand will be a good option.
Finally, get yourself a good adjustable piano bench that will help you to maintain the right posture for your piano playing.

Didn’t like any of the above options?

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Best Digital Pianos Under $500

If you have been looking for digital pianos priced under 500 dollars, the options listed here should serve your purpose. Whether you are a serious music student or a musician who needs a decent practice piano at home, pick one of the pianos listed here. These pianos have decent piano action and sound samples, plus host of features.

If you are unable to afford an acoustic piano or a top end stage piano, this is where you need to look. Most of these pianos are priced around 500 dollars.

Please note, these are more of budget pianos; if you’re an experienced musician you may want to check out more expensive models.

  1. Reply
    Piano Teacher March 21, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    I would not advice Williams pianos, they are horrible and should be avoided at all costs. I teach in a music store where these pianos are sold, and their sound quality is horrible, really bad samples. Even the keys break easily. These are economical, but you will not get much for it when you want to exchange it for another keyboard in the near future.

    • Reply
      keytarhq March 24, 2017 at 9:44 pm

      Agree, but these get sold in good numbers. There are many who are looking for an inexpensive digital piano to start learning the piano. they are not going to use the keys roughly in the beginning, and their ears are not that developed to distinguish between good and bad samples. In fact, many don’t even go to a store to check different pianos. So for such users, these pianos work (Many of them don’t even upgrade to a better piano).

      • Reply
        Noah March 24, 2017 at 9:47 pm

        I was considering Yamaha and Williams, but eventually went with the Yamaha P115. It was expensive but plays beautifully.

  2. Reply
    Mak March 25, 2017 at 11:17 am

    Caught up in my work life, I had taken a break from playing the piano, wasn’t getting time for it. Have recently started playing again, and nothing beats jamming the keys on a good piano after a long day of work.

    I have the Privia PX-360 (one model above the PX-160) and it has a it of everything, including a nice touch. I could have bought an acoustic piano but wanted something portable. My privia has several features, including including rhythms.

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