Best Bluetooth Speakers, Reviews


Best portable, wireless, Bluetooth speakers from popular brands such as Logitech, JBL and more.

Best Bluetooth Speakers

When it comes to music, technology has made it possible for music lovers to listen to music in a very convenient and enjoyable way.

Here are some of the best value-for-money bluetooth speakers. The best Bluetooth speakers are waterproof (sand proof) so that you can take your music on all of your adventures.

buy Denon HEOS 1 Wireless Speaker (White)

Denon HEOS 1 Wireless Speaker

With the Denon HEOS 1 Wireless Speaker, you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere in the house, in any room. All you need is your Wi-Fi audio streaming or Bluetooth and enjoy the amazing sound that comes out from this compact product.

The Denon HEOS has many other attractive features that make Denon HEOS1 a great speaker to purchase and listen your music on. Especially, if you have a house party, you can synchronize the songs for every room so that guests in each room can enjoy to the music and enjoy the party.

With the Denon HEOS 1 GO Pack, you get a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that allows you to listen to longer duration with a single charge (up to 6 hours of playback) via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Aux In. A Bluetooth USB adapter is also included with the GO Pack for wireless audio streaming if you’re away from the network.

Key features of Denon HEOS 1 Wireless Speaker (White)

  • Compact and portable
  • Wireless
  • Has big and amazing sound and sound quality
  • Allows you to stream from Ios, Android, Kindle or any other devices and streaming services
  • Humidity resistance, ideal for damp and steamy environment
  • Features advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for full range sound and custom EQ sound tailoring
  • Optional HEOS 1 GO Pack rechargeable battery pack/ base with Bluetooth adapter

FUGOO Portable Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker

FUGOO Portable Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker

FUGOO bluetooth speakers are among the best in this category, because of their excellent audio quality, compact design. They’re waterproof and more-importantly have a long battery life.

JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to your music or videos on the go, this JBL Charge 2 CHARGEIIBLKAM speaker easily connects to most Bluetooth-enabled devices for easy access to your music library.
JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon

More options include Marsboy bluetooth speaker, VicTsing bluetooth speaker, TaoTronics Outdoor bluetooth speaker, BLKBOX bluetooth speaker.

Why Bluetooth Speakers?

Music brings people together, and even if, over the years, you have forgotten the art of listening to music, the festive season is the right time to get your favorite collection of music and listen to it, with your friends and family.

In case you don’t want to make a big investment right now (on products such as home theaters), you may opt for a karaoke system (if you’re the singing types) or better still, get a portable Bluetooth speaker.

With a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to your favorite music at the park with family or at the beach bonfire with your friends, or at home with friends and family.

Understanding Bluetooth technology
With Bluetooth technology, you don’t have to plug anything in. No wires to connect, nothing to install.

You just have to pair the electronic device (smartphone, television home theater or your home stereo system) with the Bluetooth speaker. Once they’re paired (connected, but not physically), the audio from the source gadget plays through the speaker.

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