Best Accordion Cases & Bags

best Accordion Cases to buyAccordion Cases: You can now choose from a hard case or a soft gig bag depending on the level of protection you desire for your accordion.

Soft Cases: These are also referred to as gig bags and offer adequate protection at a reasonable price. These are lighter in weight, more portable and offer a more practical and manageable solution when you have to carry your accordion around. The padding on these bags offer adequate protection from moisture and dirt and are perfect for those quick trips and easy gigs.

Almost all these cases come with straps so that you can carry your accordion with one hand, or you can even wear it like a back pack for more comfort.

Hard Cases: These are more sturdy, heavier and are a more heavy duty alternative to the gig bags. These are perfect if you own an expensive piece of instrument and want to offer the best protection, never mind the extra weight.

These are usually constructed using quality steel hardware and uses high quality padding from the inside. They also have wheels and easy-to-grip carrying handles so that its easier to drag them (just like a suitcase).

Recommended Accordion Cases & Bags

Hohner Corona II Accordion Gig Bag

Corona Gig Bags are made specifically to fit Hohner’s Corona three-rwo button accordion models. Comes with foam padded, Side zippers, woven nylon carrying handle with an adjustable over-the-shoulder carrying straps.

Hohner Piano Accordion XL Gig Bag for 120 Bass

This Hohner piano accordion XL Gig Bag is designed specifically for Hohner’s Bravo for 120 Bass accordion models. Its foam padded, comes with durable lining with snap buckle closure & Side zippers. It has a woven nylon carrying handle with an adjustable over-the-shoulder carrying straps.

SofiaMari AB-3 Accordion Backpack/Bag

The SofiaMari softshell accordion case is made of durable ripstop nylon, with large nonbinding zippers. Students will love its padded shoulder straps and it also has a heavy-duty carry handle. A large zippered front pocket comes in handy for keeping sheet music, notes, etc.

Excalibur TravelMate XR Accordion Case

The Travelmate XR Accordion Case features comes with superior travel handle, HD rubber wheels, lamellar microlayer injection-molded shell, sureLock locking mechanism, and is designed to fit small to concert size accordions.

Accordion Cases

You can choose from a wide range of cases & bags depending on the accordion you own.

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