Behringer K3000fx 300 Watt Ultratone Keyboard Amplifier

Behringer K3000FX 300 Watt Ultratone Keyboard Amplifier Here’s a complete review of Behringer K3000FX 300 Watt Ultratone Keyboard Amplifier.

This one is for the serious musician looking for a powerful amplifier that is capable of producing shimmery top end, punchy mid-range, and thumping bass, and available at a reasonable price.

At 70 lbs, its a bit on the heavier side but sounds great and is loud enough to compete with the rest of your band-mates. You may even use it as general purpose amplifier as this one works well with guitar, vocals, and drums.

  • PROS: Great general purpose PA
  • CONS: Heavy (wheels would be nice)

If you’ve been using a small practice amp till now and are looking for something powerful, this one is a nice amp that you may upgrade to. Your piano/keyboard is going to sound awesome when you run it through the K3000FX.

This keyboard amplifier also has a headphone output for silent practicing.

How Much Power?
Regarding the wattage, it seems to be a marketing gimmick because it really doesn’t sound like 300 watts. The K3000FX has four 75W channels which probably explains the 300 watts (4 x 75W = 300W).

With the K3000FX, its important to remember that a single channel equals 75W of power.

More Power
The good thing about this amp is that you can connect an additional amplifier to it in case you’re looking for more power (if you’re playing for a much bigger venue).

It can also work the other way round. If you run your instrument through some other amp that has a line out, you can connect this K3000FX to that amp as an additional source of power.

About the Brand
Behringer is known to produce reasonably priced music gear & recording equipment. So you can expect great value for your money from the product, although it may not be as robust or durable as some of the professional brands. For that reason, most pros prefer to use other brands (such as Marshall) but then they’re usually much more expensive for similar spec’d gear from Behringer.

Here are the main features of Behringer K3000FX:

  • 300-Watt 4-channel Keyboard Amplifier (works well as a general purpose PA System as well)
  • Powerful 15′ BUGERA woofer and custom-made 1′ driver for top-class sound reproduction
  • Subwoofer output for ultimate low-end power
  • Built-in 24-bit digital FX processor with 100 awesome presets (includes reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects)
  • FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly reveals critical frequencies
  • Full 4-channel stereo operation with separate Volume and FX Send per channel
  • Dedicated 7-band graphic EQ (gives you total control for sound shaping)
  • Main section with FX Return level, Master Volume, Phones level and Shape switch
  • Want to add another amplifier? Link output allows linking to a slave amplifier for true stereo operation
  • Additional XLR mic input on Channel 1 (allows direct connection of dynamic microphones)
  • Balanced stereo XLR DI with Ground Lift switch (for direct connection to your mixing console)
  • CD input allows you to play along to your favorite music
  • Separate headphone output (for quiet practicing)
  • Shipping Weight: 71 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 27 x 24 x 20 in

Keep It Away From Mics
Its always a good idea to keep the amps away from your mic (avoid pointing the speakers at the pickup of the mic) as this avoids any sort of interference to the sound produced. So make sure the amps are away from the mics. Also, be careful when using the amp’s equalizer; try to cut rather than boost the frequencies to avoid distortion.

Want to Connect Guitar?
You may use the K3000FX to connect a guitar as well. Many feel that this amps is the best powered speaker for Guitar Amp processor, although its not really a true guitar amp (not sure if you’ll get amazing results).

You’ll need a 1/4″ jack cable, which goes out of the guitar into one of the four inputs labeled “L/mono” at the back of the amp. That’s it!

Behringer K3000FX 300 Watt Ultratone PA system / Keyboard Amplifier

Use It For Single Audio Source
Though it can be used as a general purpose amp, its better to use it only for a single audio source (vocal, instrument or CD player).

If you play multiple audio sources through it, because the amp lacks the mid-range speaker (its not a 3-way audio system ), the sources will start “competing” for volume with the loudest source suppressing the quieter sources as you raise the volume.

Behringer K3000FX 300 Watt Ultratone Keyboard Amplifier

Overall, the K3000fx is a versatile, feature-laden, beautiful amp with an incredible sound quality, available for a reasonable price.

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