Beginner DJ: Mixing Tips in Virtual DJ

Beginner DJ: Mixing Tips in Virtual DJ

If you’re a beginner DJ, here’s a nice tutorial on how to Mix using Virtual DJ

Almost every novice DJ who’s learning the ropes and wants to do better mixes feel that their mixing sucks, and they’re way to simple.

However, the fact is that the only way you learn is by practicing more, experiment more, learning from them, and over a period of time develop your own unique style.

That’s how all the pros did it in the beginning!

Here’s a nice video tutorial that shows how to mix with Virtual DJ:

Having Variations

Its important to have some variations in your music else it can quickly become monotonous. Using the same “bits per minutes” for the entire night or for a long mix can quickly get boring.

And though, syncing´╗┐ the BPM is just one of the ways to mix music, there are many more ways of doing it.

You could try using the key lock to change the pitch. You really don’t want to limit yourself to one BPM (beat per minute), and this way can probably you can use most of your music library.

Also, Virtual´╗┐ DJ has a section that displays the Key of each track. If you’re a beginner, it’s important that you match the key of each track. You can also easily raise or lower the pitch, if you’ve some knowledge of music theory basics.

Going Beyond

Though this is a good software to learn the ropes, there are better software out there if you’re serious about using a Software DJ System.

Some of the options available to you include:

  • Traktor Pro 2
  • Serato Scratch Pro
  • Both are excellent Software DJ Systems. You could also use a hardware setup with Pioneer CDJ or Turntables.

    Whatever system you use, you need to be patient with your mixing and practice more.

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