Beethoven Bio: A Look at the Life of the Master Composer

Beethoven Bio-graphy – The Legendary Composer and pianist, whose music has been used as soundtracks for hundreds of movies.

Beethoven Bio, Biography

Beethoven was one of the most famous musicians in the transitional period… between the Classical and the Romantic eras.

He was a Pianist and a Composer and still remains as one of the most respected composers of all time.

Beethoven – Early Days

Full Name – Ludwig van Beethoven
Baptized – 17th December 1770 in Bonn (Germany)

Beethoven’s first name was Ludwig! He was born in Bonn (Germany) to Johann van Beethoven and Maria Magdalena Keverich in 1770. Of the seven children that were born to Johann van Beethoven, only three survived and that included Beethoven.

His first music teacher was his father, who was a tenor in the service of the Electoral court at Bonn.

Beethoven Jokes…
Listened to some Beethoven last night. And some Lady Gaga today. Now I’m quite confused.
Who’s the deaf one again?

Q: What do you call Beethoven’s skeleton sitting in a cave erasing symphonies?
A: Decomposing.

Question: What’s brown and sitting on the piano bench?
Answer: Beethoven’s last movement

Why did Beethoven get rid of his chickens?
All they said was, “BACH, BACH, BACH…”

What was Beethoven’s favorite fruit?
Banana (“to make” in Indian language)

“Name three famous Germans whose names begin with B,” says the teacher.
“Ballack, Badstuber, Beckenbauer!” says Little Johnny.
“Have none of you ever heard of Bach, Beethoven or Brahms?” says the teacher.
“Nope,” says Johnny, “no one gives a f**k who’s on the bench!”

Beethoven – Move to Vienna

Beethoven moved to Vienna in his early twenties and studied there. He always wanted to learn from Mozart but his wish could not be fulfilled as Mozart passed away the year before. Mozart was considered one of the finest improvisers of his age, but eventually Beethoven went on to surpass him.

Beethoven’s skills on the piano did not take long to be noticed. By 1793, Beethoven had already established his reputation as a piano virtuoso in Vienna. Soon he developed a huge number of admirers and supporters, including the Viennese aristocracy.

Composers before Beethoven used to work for the church or a noble court. But Beethoven followed a different career pattern. He supported himself through various ways that included income from concerts, lessons as well as gifts from members of the aristocracy.

Beethoven went on to spend most of his life in Vienna.

Beethoven – His Deafness

Around 1796, Beethoven started to lose his hearing which only went on to worsen as time went by. In spite of undergoing all the treatments, his hearing did not improve.

There is a story which goes like this…At the end of the premiere of his Ninth Symphony, Beethoven had to be turned around to see the applause of the audience. See them applaud but unable to hear nothing, he began to weep.

By 1802, he was almost deaf. Beethoven was devastated but he continued to compose. His concerts, which use to pay him well, had to be cut down for obvious reasons.

Personal Life

On his personal front, it is said that Beethoven got attracted towards several woman, but never did it materialize into marriage. The reasons being that the women were either already married or aristocratic!

He remained a bachelor through out his life and died in 1827 in Vienna.

Died – 26th March 1827 in Vienna (Austria)

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