BC Rich Guitars: Buying Guide

BC Rich Guitars: Speaks the language of metal…

B.C. Rich Guitars

Looking for a new BC rich warlock or probably the beast? You’ve come to the right place.

No guitar sounds or looks more like heavy metal than B.C. Rich. From the outrageous Beast guitar to the infamous Bich and Mockingbird to the legendary Warlock models, B.C. Rich electric guitars have earned their rock-solid reputation on concert stages around the world.

No wonder that influential musicians (Slayer’s Kerry King and Slipknot’s Mick Thomson) have made B.C. Rich guitars their weapon of choice.

BC Rich Guitars

From stunning, handmade custom guitars to affordable standard series guitars, B.C. Rich has the right guitar at the right price for every player. When you need vicious tones, consummate playability and drop-dead looks, you need B.C. Rich.

Bestselling B.C. Rich Guitars

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