Bass Guitar: Buying Guide & Reviews

Bass Guitar Reviews: Checkout Reviews of the Best Bass Guitars for Various Brands and Prices. Here’s a simplified guide on how to buy the best bass guitars. Find reviews and the bass accessories that you need to sound like a pro.

Best Bass Guitars

Here are some good value-for-money options to help you get started on the Bass Guitar. Most of them are bundled package so you don’t have to worry about getting any accessories.

You may go through this bass buying guide that lets you know everything you need, from entry-level basses and amps to must-have practice accessories.

So ready to start playing electric bass? Find your first instrument here.

All-in-One Bass Kits
This is the most convenient way to get started on the bass because all the important instruments and accessories are bundled together, you don’t have to research and buy them separately. These all-in-one electric bass packs usually bundle a bass, an amplifier, and useful accessories into a single affordable package. See the Best Electric Bass Packs…

Electric Basses
Don’t fancy a bundle, want to buy things separately? You can choose from a a wide selection of affordable bass guitars that are great for beginners, and offer versatile tones and easy playability. Guitar players usually start learning on acoustic guitars, but most bassists start on a comfortable electric bass as their first guitar. See the Best Entry-level Electric Basses…

Electric Bass Amplifiers
If you intend to build your own bass setup/rig, you’ll also need a good amplifier to pair with your bass. Here are some affordable bass amps that pack plenty of punch; these also include built-in headphone jacks for late-night practicing. See the Best Entry-level Bass Amplifiers…

More Useful Bass Accessories
If you intend to build your own bass setup/rig, you’ll need some essential accessories such as Cables, Tuners, Picks, Bass Strings, Gig Bags, and more.

Whirlwind EGC Guitar Instrument Cable: A reliable instrument cable that connects your bass to the amp is needed.
Korg GA40 Guitar and Bass Tuner: For beginners, a simple tuner can save hours of precious time that can go into practicing.
Eagle Mountain Guitar Strap: Makes it comfortable to hold your bass
Fender 351 Classic Celluloid Pick (Heavy, 12 Pack): A pack of heavy-gauge picks can also be extremely helpful for novice bass players.

D’Addario EXL170 XL Nickel Wound Bass Strings (Soft, Long): These break quite often, so it’s a good idea to have extra packs.
On-Stage GS7462B A-Style Folding Guitar Stand: doesn’t occupy much space and you can easily access your bass/guitar whenever required.
World Tour Padded Bass Guitar Gig Bag: Keeps the bass clean and makes it easy to carry around your bass
Starter Series Beginning Bass Volume One Book and Video

More Options…

Silvertone LB11 Bass & Amp Package

This Bass guitar package includes BAXs bass amp, digital tuner, instructional DVD, strings, strap, picks, cable, gig bag. This Blue bass guitar offers warm resonance and fat tone. You also get a 10-watt amp with 4-band EQ. Overall, a good package that provides you everything to control the rhythm.

Buy Best Bass Guitar – How to Guide to Buying Bass Guitars

Acoustic, Electric Bass Guitar A bass guitar plays an octave lower than the other guitars and hence it is different from an acoustic and electric guitar. Apart from which there are many other factors you need to know and look out for if you intend to buy a bass guitar.

Most bass guitar players are happy to use the four-string basses, which are quite common. But some players, especially the experienced players, may prefer a five-string bass guitar.

The sound of the Bass guitar that you choose will depend on the tonal properties of the wood it uses, so the expensive ones will definitely sound better.

Bass Guitar Reviews
Recommended Bass Guitars

Bass Guitar Buying Guide

Bass Guitar Reviews
Bass Guitars come as Electric Bass Guitars and Acoustic Bass Guitars. In case of bass guitars as well, you have a choice of electric and acoustic guitars. As with most electric instruments, the type of finish does not affect the overall sound quality as much, as is the case with acoustic bass guitars.

The bass electric guitar is similar to electrical guitar except for the fact that bass guitars are bigger and have fewer but thicker strings which create a low pitch sound. Bass guitars are also available in acoustic guitars except they need to be plugged in to an amplifier, to be heard clearly.

Except for the fact that bass guitars produce lower octave sounds, in terms of functionality the electric bass guitars are more or less similar to electric guitars. You have to consider pickups, amps and so on.

Electric Acoustic Bass guitars let you have the best of both the worlds. You can play them as an acoustic bass and if you need some variation, switch on the electric mode and the electronics will let you alter the sound produced.

  • Body: Electrical bass guitars are available in both solid body as well as semi hollow body style. While the former is more common, the latter is used to produce a more acoustic and rounder sound.
  • Tonewoods: Tonewood refers to the type of wood used on bass guitars. The wood used on a bass guitar can be classified into hard wood and soft wood.
    Hard wood like ebony, walnut, hard maple, rosewood etc. creates a brighter and snappier sound with a percussive note.

    On the other hand soft woods such as alder, basswood, swamp ash etc creates a mellow and warmer tone. You will find soft wood being used commonly in bass guitars.

  • Buy Best Bass Guitar Reviews
    Bass Guitar Reviews

  • Frets: A bass guitar has 24,22 or 21 frets. So, you can choose the bass guitar as per the number of frets you would prefer to have. You also get fretless bass guitars.
  • Neck: The neck of a bass guitar comes in a variety of shapes, such as: oval, flat-back, round and asymmetrical. However, choosing the bass guitar depends on how well your hand fits the neck of the guitar.
  • String: Most of the times, you will find bass guitars with four strings. However, nowadays you even find bass guitars with five or six strings.
  • Few bass guitars may have loose strings or make some buzzing sound, which can be corrected by making some adjustments. Tightening the truss rod is one of the things you may try out once you have your guitar.
    Minor adjustments like replacing the strings, filing the frets on the sides (for some of them), may be required depending on your personal choice.

    But if you are going in for one of those budget guitars, remember that those guitars do their basic job nicely, like producing a decent tone, holding the pitch, etc. But don’t expect them to be of high build quality. There is a reason they are inexpensive and it is apt for certain users.

    Reviews of the Best Bass Guitars

    Bass Guitar Accessories

    Here are some of the useful accessories that you may need. Also consider buying bass guitar packages as they come bundled with some of these and offers you a value-for-money deal.

  • Amplifier: An electric bass guitar needs to be plugged to an amplifier so that it can be heard. If you are looking at practicing at home, a 100 watt amp would be good enough, however, if you want to perform at a venue, you may need 200 watt or more.
  • Guitar Case: Bass guitars are prone to a lot of wear and tear as well as damage due to live shows and tours. Hence, it is always advisable to carry your bass guitar in a case that will protect the guitar from any damage as well as temperature changes etc.
  • Bass Strings: Bass strings are thick and hard to break, but if it does, it is always best to carry extra strings along with you, in case you may need them.
  • Strap: A strap helps you play the guitar comfortably while standing up and performing. Without the strap, you would have to hold it awkwardly or place it on the knee while you sit. It also prevents your guitar from falling and getting damaged as you move around with it during a performance.
  • Small screw driver: A bass guitar may require many adjustments for which you will find it handy to carry a small screw driver with you at all times.
  • Tuner: A tuner is a must for any guitar. Electronic tuners will help you tune your bass guitar easily.
  • Cable: A cable wire is important to carry the sound from the bass guitar’s output jack to the input jack of the amplifier.
  • Best Bass Guitar Brands

    Here are some of the popular Bass Guitar Brands:

    Ibanez – Many famous bass guitarists use Ibanez guitars. They have some of the best beginner bass guitars which are also affordable.

    Gibson is another famous brand and produces bass guitars in mass quantities. It is one of the best companies for bass guitar.

    Fender is popular for quality and durable bass guitars. Fender was the first company to mass produce bass guitars.

    Apart from the above, yamaha, Dean, Epiphone, Hofner etc. are some of the other brands that produce quality bass guitars.

    As you can see, there are several good bass guitar brands out there. Some of the popular ones include: Dean, Squier electric bass guitars, Jasmine by Takamine, Dean and Fender acoustic bass guitars.

    You also have some good options when it comes to left handed bass guitars.


    Bass electric guitar are different from the acoustic and electrical guitar and yet similar in many ways. The Bass guitar plays an octave lower than acoustic and electric. If it is an acoustic bass guitar, you will need to plug it to an amplifier so that it can be heard clearly. Cable, guitar case, strap, amplifiers are some of the accessories that go along with a bass guitar. You can choose among many brands of bass guitars such as Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, Epiphone etc. So go and buy the best bass guitar for yourself today!

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